TV's Son of TV's Frank...'s Mom?

What if Max really IS somehow TV’s Son of TV’s Frank? Who is his mom? Who from the MST3K-verse could it be? Pearl would be too disturbing…any other ideas?

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Well, Dr. Erhardt seemed to imply that it was true. Personally I would think that Max was a slightly messed up clone of Frank that Dr. Forrester made one time (maybe in the transition from season 1 to 2, hence how Larry knew).

But if that wasn’t the case…I dunno. Kim Cattral was the most prolific running gag female and she had been used already.


I hear Frank hooked up with Creepy Girl, much to Tom’s chagrin.


Michelle Pfeiffer. I’d like to think that the U-View from Swamp Diamonds was on to something…

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I still maintain that Kinga’s mother could only be Tinplate Girl, who has a great DIY metalwork channel on YouTube. Have a look at her, and you’ll see what I mean.

I like the idea of Max being Frank’s off-the-rack clone.

And the surprise answer is Gypsy!

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–Crow T. Robot

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And of course, in a twist no one expected, we find out that Max’s father is really Richard Basehart.


Truly Richard Basehart is a father to us all…


She hears him say, “Gypsy, you’re a fine girl” (you’re a fine girl)
“What a good wife you would be” (such a fine girl)
“But my life, my lover, my lady will be cloned by me.”

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