Vote For The Leader Of The (Not) Legion Of Super-Heroes

Anyone who’s been reading the RPG thread might know I’ve been making up characters for Mutants & Masterminds 3e, specifically characters for their superteam that is similar to but legally distinct from DC’s The Legion Of Super-Heroes. If you don’t know, you can see that here. Well, I’ve made up 10 characters, so that’s enough to have an election, just like how readers of LOSH would vote for the team leader back in the day.

Ms. Magus

Sorceress Superhero who is secretly a shapeshifter as well.

Kid Asteroid

Former gravball player turned superhero who can fly like a comet, leaving trails of ice or fire in his wake.


Alien mushroom girl who can use a variety of specialized spores to buff allies or debuff enemies.

Dijan The Umbral

Member of the Blackguards (M&M’s similar too but legally distinct from version of The Sinestro Corps) who joined the Legion as an insurance policy against the Blackguards’ founder.

The White Dot

Brilliant inventor who can teleport via portals.

Sun Sobek

Alien alligator with the power of the Egyptian god Horus (comics, everybody!)

Crimson Girl

Powerful psychic from an alien species of living vampires.

Super Junior

The Master Of 1,004 Holds, the galaxy’s greatest luchador!

Tomorrow Girl

Young girl from the 1960s who’s been thrust into the 26th Century, blessed with the powers of strength, flight, and invulnerability by strange chronal energies.

Zero Lad

Former resistance fighter turned superhero who can turn intangible and manipulate probability.

So, there are the candidates. Now I leave the choice to YOU, dear reader! VOTE! The power is yours!

  • Ms. Magus
  • Kid Asteroid
  • Mycelia
  • Dijan The Umbral
  • The White Dot
  • Sun Sobek
  • Crimson Girl
  • Super Junior
  • Tomorrow Girl
  • Zero Lad
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These are some amazing character concepts.


Picked Sun Sobek mostly because I think the era where they strove mightily to have more non-human-looking heroes was cool. Sad day when they walked that back. (R.I.P. - Tellus)


See, when I think “great non-human LOSH member” I immediately think of Gates from the “Reboot Legion”, because Gates was just so darn fun!


Thank you!


[reposts 20-paragraph tirade about how silly it is for lady Durlans to have hair]

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I never liked animal people; they just bug me. So that’s a pass.

Crimson Girl looks unstable… which I think would make for some wild stories, buuut.

Mycelia has a mushroom on her head (enjoy her on a Plazaburger?) she looks like she be fun to get high with.

I think you need a planet person, an analogue for my favorite, Saturn Girl… I nominate the addition of, and for the leadership role. “Dedicated Uranus!”

But barring that, it’s gotta be White Dot - it seems like she’d have leadership qualities, she’s smart, looks confident, and judging by her namesake’s appearances on MST, is always there to lend a hand in time of trouble.


Durlans are shapeshifters, so they can have hair if they want too. :nerd_face:

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I just think it’s very male gaze-y given that male Durlans never run around in “Fatha” Hines-style 'dos. Making bald alien ladies cool was one of the better decisions Giffen made during his tenure.

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All glory to White Dot!


Okay, I just remembered Rocket… Rocket’s cool

But it seems whenever comics or TV add a non-human character, they still give it humanoid anatomy.

I was thinking of that Outer Limits episode, with that energy being, which is this cloud like form with electricity bouncing all around it. That would be different, I’d like that as a member of the Legion or even the Avengers at Marvel. And I’m sure someone in sci-fi and comics has done that (in “Letter 44” they attempted to push that idea, but the beings still had shells and tentacles, and that’s just a riff on Earth-like Sea creatures). I did read a short story where the beings on a planet had forms like nothing ever seen on Earth and that was neat.

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Here are some alternate versions of Ms. Magus, Mycelia, and Tomorrow Girl.


Here’s a preview of the next few characters I’ll be working on.

That first one is going to be named Jetblast Jaguar. (Not pandering!)


Bird lady?

Kids In The Hall GIF by CBC

ETA: Not named Pew-ma Man? Why not?!

The Earth-Prime setting of Mutants & Masterminds is lousy with bird people. You have the Avians of Earth and their many variants, the Ealas of outer space (probably descended from humans/ avians because of long comic booky explanation) and they are often but not always psychokinetic (COMICS, EVERYBODY!), and a few other I’m probably forgetting.

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White Dot forever!

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