I have an idea for a game. Let me how this grabs you by the po po.

So. I name a director from an MST3K movie. You have to give me an actor or actress that is in 2 of that directors movies. You get a point. You have to give me name, character and movie


From memory? Very little hope of me scoring any point here :laughing: brain like swiss cheese, thoughts and information just pass through…


Well idk i assume GOOGLE might lend a hand. Like what happens when im watching i pay attention to the credits right? Then ill be watching another movie right? Then im like OH THATS DORKIN DORK from DORKIN ATTACK USA! Get the picture?

Whatta think sirs?

(I promise im done dorkin around)


I would be terrible at this. :laughing:


I am terrible at this, as are most of my friends. This is the “game” we play unintentionally every time we get together and talk about movies, or try to figure out to what to watch on the next movie night.

“Hey, let’s watch Albert Pyun movies.”

“Awesome, let’s watch the one with Norbert Weisser and Scott Paulin in it.”

“So, all of them, then?”

ETA: oh, sorry if I spoiled the first move of the game for you…


Ok ok i can a hint. Its not as hard as you may think tho. Example. Roger Corman

The Undead. Allison Hayes. The hot witch
Gunslinger. Erica bar owner

You dont have to be specific
Hey, let’s watch Albert Pyun movies.” idk who dat


Yeah, there are few directors that I could rattle out a few (or any) of their movies. :woman_shrugging: I’t’s just not what’s stored in my gray matter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Gotta pick my favorite wizard emeritus for that one: Mel Welles.

Digger Smolken in The Undead
Gravis Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors

Do they have to be MST3k movies?

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Good question. Lets keep it mst3k movies. Just easier to keep track

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Ok. Let’s change my answer to Beverly Garland

Swamp Diamonds as Vera
Gunslinger as the Marshal that gets everyone in the town killed


I think it was Killtown.

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Director Coleman Francis…actor Coleman Francis!

Red Zone Cuba as the guy running to hell.
Beast of Yucca Flats as the gas attendant with his doggie chew.

Bonus: Coleman as the delivery guy in This Island Earth!

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Wasnt he in Skydivers too? Wasnt he like a guy in the audience?

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Yup, that’s a common reaction. His most famous movie is probably Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme, but his only MST3K connection is Alien From LA, so if confined to MST3K movies, there isn’t a second one to use for the game.

Also, looking at the Cast of Alien From LA, I think I confused Simon Poland with Scott Paulin (I don’t think anyone can prove they are not the same person). As Simon Poland was in all of Puyn’s Nemesis movies with Norbert Weisser, and Scott Paulin was not.

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Hey. I trust that your right lol thank you for clearing that up

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Im thinking Coleman is in each of his pics.

To add to my other post Allison Hayes was also the chick in Unearthly, Grace. Her hair was short. Wait. Annnddddd she was the secretary in The Crawling Hand!

I wonder like who was the most watched actor and actress in all the mst3k movies?