Was there a show bible for earlier seasons?

Given the punk rock nature of the early years, I find it doubtful that one existed/s, even with the danger in any formalized production relying solely on tribal knowledge to keep moving forward. On the other hand, since things were tight knit it seems, they may have been able to pull it off in the early days, so I’m curious… even if every page was just, ‘No Second Takes’.

Anything around writing, quips, avoid/push, design, lead time on props, caricature do and don’t, etc.

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Probably the closest they had as a main “series bible” would have been the theme song. I get the sense it was very much developed as they went.

It’s fun to fill one in after the fact though! Like “Tom will always attempt to have an air of knowing more than the average guy.”

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Hm. Yes. I’m not saying there isn’t a chance for us to retroactively write one…

I think if there was such a thing, it would have been mentioned in The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide.


Considering one of the mantras of the series is “Repeat to yourself “It’s just a show, I should really just relax””, having a series bible seems highly unlikely at least in the early days.

I mean, during that panel that was recorded for the first Shout! Factory DVD set, Joel admitted all he knew about Gizmonics was the building was shaped like a G (which it wasn’t even in the first season).

Part of wondering about it came out of the backer BTS session, and wondering after the riffs are decided on what sort of time goes into either the writer, or performer, or both… working to get the riff to work in the delivery of whoever gets it in the script. The riffing process is not ‘oh hey I can totally hear Tom say blah de blah de zing’, that comes later on. So would be curious about personalities and all such too… bit of a mental experiment.

But yeah, anything else that would be on design language, aesthetic, editing, takes on takes, delivery, faster more intense, hey watch where you stick that, etc.

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I’ve always wondered if there was a firm one for any season. Jokes for jokes sake.

Even though you deleted it, your first post will be around forever for all to see – if they really want to put in the effort – and when you get famous we can all look back at what once was then wasn’t but still was.

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