Would a "live" show be possible in the Gizmoplex?

Here’s an idea I’ve been thinking about. Would the MST crew be willing and/or able to do a "live"version of the show in the Gizmoplex? I"m sure it would be challenging, but many of the performers have had experience doing the show “live” on tours, so it would not be something totally unfamiliar to them.

Of course, we have no idea yet if there will even be a Season 14, or what facilities they might use for taping the shows. But a “live” show would be an exciting way to kickoff the next season.

It seems like they would basically need three sets: the Kinga/Max set, the deck of the SOL set and the theater set. (There is the quick scene of Ardy in the movie flushing room each time, so I don’t know how that might work out.) They already have commercial breaks and an intermission in the shows, so the cast would have some time to catch their breath between scenes, if needed.

What do other folks think? Would this be something you would like to see in (the hopefully soon to be announced) Season 14?


I mean, that’d be interesting, but it sounds like an awkward compromise, all things considered.


It could be an interesting way to riff something that they can’t get regular distribution rights for, but maybe want to do as a one-night-only event. Like when Rifftrax does a live show for something they can’t actually distribute, like Krull and Godzilla.

That’s assuming, of course, that we WANT MST3K riffs to exist that will never be attainable later on.


Rifftrax has sold downloads and optical media of almost every live show. Clearly the rights can be negotiated.


Trube, but I’m betting the rights are more lenient for a live show specifically due to the fact that it’s a one and done deal.


Not to “poopoo” any ideas, but for me, this is just making MST into Rifftrax. If you want Rifftrax, there’s no shortage of their content. But this doesn’t really fit with the MST process. But that’s just my two cents.


They tried “winging it” in the intro host segment for Hercules. It didn’t take.

I’m kidding!


Well, no, I wouldn’t say that. It’d be turning the series into the KTMA days. Decide if you will whether that’s for better or for worse.

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But a “one night only” or “limited license” for a movie to riff just feels like you’re opening up the Just The Jokes archive for RT. Once the streaming license ends, or if you never get full streaming rights. It feels like MST aren’t doing anything beyond getting full (or at least VERY long term rights to the movies). But that’s just me.

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I don’t necessarily see it as the same thing. I think what I’m hearing in the OP’s pitch is a live version of the stage show that MST has been doing and has a lot of experience doing. Their setup is a bit more involved than the RiffTrax setup and it does seem more theatrical.

Also if you’re negotiating it as a full episode of the show (albeit live) you would negotiate for the film rights so it wouldn’t be the same as a Fathom event. So I don’t see that as a permanent blocker as long as it was kept in mind when you were planning the live show in the first place for streaming exhibition and sales


Maybe I’m more focused on the “future” of the episode’s availability, and the “one night only” thing. If they want to do a “live” episode, more power to them, but I doubt the cast and crew would really relish that idea. Especially when the whole “live show” ethos is that there’s always another show to get things right if you mess up.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some “live” shorts, but a whole episode seems like a fools errand.

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Yeah, the question is mainly just “the stage show but on the Gizmoplex”, to which my answer is “well that seems like it compromises on both options in a way that’s not really better than just having both options.”


I think that the show works extremely well live and, as we learned with Cinematic Titanic, it brings an energy that sometimes isn’t always there in a studio record. So it can work live to tape.

I think the show works best watching with others because that’s just true of comedy as a whole. And if you aren’t watching it at home live with others, you may get some of that energy watching other people enjoying it.

That’s something I learned as an improviser, that sometimes you need permission to laugh because laughter is a shared experience. For example, I laugh out loud far less when I am watching something funny by myself. So whenever I was in the audience supporting my fellow comedians, I would be sure to laugh out loud when something struck me funny because it really can help the crowd which in turn helps the performers and then the show as a whole


Yeah, and it’s a lot easier to me to focus on the riffing sections when I’m making jokes in the chat room.


A live show doesn’t have to mean it’s improvised. Write the jokes, perform then live, should work out.


But if they’re want it to be like the KTMA days, then it would be improvised.

So I don’t mind the idea of a “one take” recorded episode, but a “live” episode sounds like a chance for White Dot to wreak unmitigated havoc on the Gizmoplex!


I am a fan of White Dot’s work, and would enjoy that evening in many unanticipated ways. Ever watch the Telethon for the first Kickstarter? White Dot was there. We just didn’t know his name.


Emily and her bots did live riff Moon Zero Two during one of the Covid streams.


Interesting feedback from everyone.

What I had originally thought of was either:

A) A regular episode of the show, but performed “live”. As we are gathered around our electronic devices to watch it for the first time, the MST cast is gathered in front of their electronic devices to perform it for the first time. It would be a scripted show, just with the added buzz of being live. There were a few sitcoms that did “live” versions (30 Rock, Drew Carey Show, Will & Grace among them) in the not too distant past. They bring a certain energy to the proceedings.

That said, since 75% of MST is in Shadowrama, would a “live” experience of that make much difference?

B) A “live” broadcast of one of their stage shows in front of a “live” audience. I guess this could be similar to Rifftrax doing a show and streaming it to theaters, but in this case the stream goes thru the Gizmoplex directly to your home.

Yes, they would have to get the rights for electronic distribution of the movie in question because this would be intended to be kept in the Gizmoplex library for future viewing and purchase.

How many times have people said, “I wish there was a recording of one of the live shows”. Well, this would fulfill that wish. Fans who never had the chance to see one of the live shows would now be able to do so, and any fans who saw this particular MST production on tour would now also have a video to go back and relive the experience.

I guess a third option might be,

C) Tape a “live” performance of a stage show and then put it in the Gizmoplex later for people to view/purchase.

The main problem with doing any of this is that MST is not the main or only gig for most of the cast members. I’m sure Felicia and Patton would be too busy to do a show on tour. It might even be difficult to arrange for every one to be in the studio at the same time to do a “live” version that way.


Don’t get me wrong- I would gladly pay for a “live” MST gizmoplex (insert specifics here) event without question, I just don’t think it seems likely, or something most (or any) of the cast and crew would want to, or could confidently pull off successfully.

I think a “taped in front of a live audience” episode is POSSIBLE, and I like when they do “live riff-a-longs” as they have in the past.

But it seems like they have two separate formats for MST- the studio episodes and the live tour shows.

I don’t know if they will ever cross-over, but I am glad to have whatever form of MST I can get my hands on.

Off topic, but still MST-centric: I would LOVE for a 2023 live tour to come back to central Illinois! The cheesy movie circus tour is one of my most treasured family adventures/memories.

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