What did MST3K introduce you to?

While working on the project which is awfully big, I’ve listed out areas to talk to folks about and to incoporate into the small but gotta find room for this on it SoL. Been curious what studies or pursuits the show introduced to folks, inspired to get into.

Got me wondering for how many MST3K was, for example, their intro to the idea of (though I hate the term) maker culture. I’d only been into replica models and props for a few years at the end of the 80s, and it was cool to me that this was part of the premise of the show.

Along with that, in the ‘reality’ of the mst3k universe, you’ve got more advanced bot building, mad sciencing, aerospace, film production, mod/hacker solutions, and other elements of the show that even if reeeallllly tenuously, might have some relation to worthwhile pursuits.

Then in the creation of the show, prop comedy/improv, dual role performance, local access/small theater realities, prop building, writing, puppeteering, set design, singing, tv production, etc etc etc.


A number of classic films/directors. I sought out Bergman and Kurosawa because of MST3K.

I love the hell out of film, and if anything, MST3K made me research some unfamiliar references and seek out the best in cinema. It kicked my love of film into high gear.

Yeah, I appreciate the irony.


A whole lot of niche American things I never would have known about. Even basic stuff like cheeseballs wasn’t really a thing up here since Utz wasn’t in Canada until recently.

So if someone needs to know what a hamdinger is or what waterfowl to ride at the Dells I’ve got them covered thanks to MST3K


I was a child when MST3K started and when I started watching, so it’s hard for me to gauge exactly what it sparked in me, but there’s a possibility that my DIY inventiveness (which both endeared and frustrated my parents) could have something to do with the DIY inventiveness of the show… and now I captain an MST themed subkrewe of a DIY Mardi Gras parade…


I have to say, having just done Mark Rober’s Creative Engineering course, everything kind of felt like an invention exchange.

Also, while I’d always loved movies (even “bad” movies), MST3K gives you a strong incentive to re-watch them, and at some point it became impossible (for me anyway) not to respect the whole craft a lot more. I ended up watching low-budget/indie films looking for what they managed to do right, and being impressed more when things worked.

It’s a pretty good life attitude, really.


Yeah the inclusion of the inventon exchanges (folks have read my fanon on that, the IE were the reason Joel didn’t leave straight off, he knew how to get away, just liked getting digs in at the Mads)… anyway yeah, that whole improv/prop comedy/wing it/don’t waste time wishing for what you haven’t got has a real appeal to me. ‘We gotta make this from that’.

And on the film front, continual reminder that nothing is in a film by accident. Even if accidents and slip-ups occur, there is always a choice to live with it and let it slide.


The show introduced me to the term: “keep curculating the tapes”.
Okay, technically, my parents recorded many Japanese kids show on the VHS for me when I was a lot younger, and I think I still have those (I haven’t checked the boxes in the garage yet). So I kinda did curculate the tapes, before I even knew what it meant.


@Derek: Curious about the disdain for the term “maker culture”. Any particular reason?

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I think he said he hated the term, not the culture itself.

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I didn’t watch Anatomy of a Murder until someone explained to me the connection with the “panties” host segment when Mike is on trial.


Right. And I’m curious what it is about the term that’s not to taste.

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I can think of a few things that one might object to, but I’ll let him respond.

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I was a preteen when I started watching, and kind of a depressed kid, so for the two hours it was on, it helped me learn how to “really just relax.” Also taught me the concept of riffing, and in general just inspired me to research a lot of references I didn’t know. And then I grew up reading Dorothy Parker and Gore Vidal, just imagining the motorcycle gang warfare happening behind the pages!


What did MST3K introduce me to?

looks around

All of you folks.

Home GIF by FOX TV


I’d probably go with music that I like and wouldn’t have heard otherwise:

Joe Valino - Everything I Touch Turns to Gold
Don Ellis - Moon Zero Two Theme
Fish Lipped Guy (Frank Larrabee) - California Lady
Fontanelles - Iced Chicken-Fish Picker (Kiss Kicker 99)
Sloppy Seconds - Horror of Party Beach
Hellcats Soundtrack


Whatever the hell that Fish Picker (?) was in Hobgoblins.
GIF by PlayStation

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Actor, writer, producer, director, and film auteur, Coleman Francis.


D’awwwwwwwwww THANKS



They were referring to the title characters at the end of The Warriors in these two GIFs, but they may as well have been talking about MSTies:



(possibly spoileriffic, so I didn’t want to take that chance)


Shaping my sense of humor, for sure. Plus, riffing and an appreciation of movies/film-making in general.

But, most of all, a love of trivia. Love researching the references.