What games have you played recently?

Just finished Disco Elysium for the first time :o

Unique, interesting, and very fun. A few gross edgelord-ish bits, and some frustrating plot options that probably should have been blocked off until I could pursue them, but an overall homerun. The structure for character growth, conversations, and plot developments is amazing. It’s too bad the studio seems to be imploding, because there are plenty of loose ends in the world I’d like to explore.

I’ll probably play it again with less, er… rampant, aggressive savescumming, and more tolerance for catastrophe. But I’ll take a break from it for now.

It played great on the Steam Deck after jumping through some Proton hoops to get my GOG copy to show up in the standard interface. I also played significant chunks using Remote Play to stream from the Steam Deck to an iPad, an Ubuntu desktop, and an Nvidia Shield (while jogging on a treadmill like some sort of gym coach).

Up next, VR mini-golf on MYST island.


Disco Elysium just price-dropped 75% (now $10) for STEAM’s “Autumn Sale” through Nov 29. Also Cyberpunk 2077, 50% (now $30). Hmm…....

Ob.OT: I play an MMO, so the answer to the OT is usually Final Fantasy XIV.


does pokemon go count?



Pretty much anything counts. Well, we might need a judge’s ruling if you said, “Catch with my dog” but I’m thinking the community would allow it.

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Just finished my third play through of Cyberpunk 2077 on the PC. On max settings it really is a beautiful game. I was always a fan of the RPG, and I thought that ProjektRed’s vision was strong. Still impressed with sheer size of the map (especially its vertical dimensions) and the profusion of small touches everywhere. Even on the third time through I found at least a dozen small things that I hadn’t found before, plus an entirely new mission.

I also finished the walking simulator The Suicide of Rachel Foster. I give that one a solid hmmmmm… Some good game play ideas, some nice art, and then a really strange ending that verges heavily into squick territory. I grew up in Europe, but there are some peculiarly European views on relationships that I will never be able to accept.

Finally, I finished the walking simulator/mystery game Tacoma. This one I can unequivocally recommend. You are trying to unravel a mystery on an abandoned space station by replaying the recordings from the damaged computer system. You see the recordings in a sort of augmented reality and can rewind to replay the recordings to follow different people as they interact and then go their own ways, as well as examining the current state of the abandoned facility. Not a long game and it is not a puzzler (just a few small collectible-type achievements), but very well executed.