What thing(s) did you believe were true as a kid, when you had limited knowledge?

No, the dog’s name was Tumbleweed. I think you’re thinking of Sourdough the singing biscuit.

Please feel free to not share the pictures.

I still remember the kids book about the little boy who never washed his hands, so plants started to grow from his thumbs. Not quite as cool as the book about the old gentleman who never cleaned out his car, so at some point a baobab seed got into the back seat and he ended up with a pet baobab tree to drive around. Made his car very popular with local birds and wildlife, too.


Here’s a not especially fun one. My grandmother, who I found out when I was older was just a generally terrible person, used to tell me when I was little and made her upset that I’d give her a heart attack and kill her. I totally believed it and it scared the hell out of me.

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When I was in elementary school in 1968, the buzz around the schoolyard was that we should hope Nixon loses because he was going to make kids go to school year-round.

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That my KS rewards would be shipped in 1-3 weeks of paying shipping, and that they would be sent out in the order in which payment was received.

So young, so naive, and still so unshipped.

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I used to think a loofah was a dead sea creature.


Are you thinking of Mrs Piggle Wiggle? I know there was a story in there about a girl who refused to wash her ears and radishes grew out of them thanks to all the built-up dirt.


Oh, I remember that one, too. But the book I’m thinking of was a standalone, and the plants showed up by mistake. Not as behavior-modifying “medicine.”

Fifth grade, so 1980-ish, this was a year that all of the planets would align, including Pluto.

Well even then there were wags spreading garbage, this one being that the Earth would explode due to the increased gravitational pull of all the planets lined up like that. A girl in my class, I still remember, was absolutely terrified this was really going to happen and she was inconsolable thinking she would die in school away from her mother.

This is when I really start hating conspiracy theorists and their crap.


I used to think if you ate too much, your belly would explode.

Why yes, my parents did let me watch a VHS copy of The Meaning of Life when I was 8 years old, why?


As a kid, I thought that every radio had it’s own feed coming in (although I wouldn’t have used the word “feed” at the time), and if you turned the radio off it “paused” that feed and would start up from there when you next turned on the radio.

I believe this came from some ad that was playing when we turned off the radio in the car and then was playing again when the radio was turned on when we got back in the car.


When I was a little kid I had a hard time getting to sleep and there was station out of Dallas WRR that played old-time-radio shows all night. I was convinced this tiny station had a staff of hundreds of voice actors, writers and sound effects people on staff (remember kids, no internet!) then one night they played the Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” and I finally realized the truth.

I’m glad I had some time where I thought that was just a bunch of super-creative people putting on great shows every night


I thought that everything was black and white until a certain point, and then there was color. My thoughts were supported by many an old-timey photograph or movie.


I was vaguely aware that when you flush the toilet it affects someone in the shower. In my mind, I thought that if you were in the shower when the toilet flushed, the water went down the bowl and back out the shower head so I was always afraid someone would flush while I was showering.


For years, I thought it was Don Rickles playing Molly Ringwald’s grandpa in 16 Candles.

My husband said that as a kid, he once asked his dad if the world was in black and white when he was young. Apparently his dad found it amusing more than anything.

I once asked my first grade teacher what year she was born, and she said, “1900.” This was 1987 or '88, and she was most definitely not in her late 80s at that point, but I was six and didn’t realize she was trying to be funny. So I didn’t question it.


I originally believed Jennifer Tilly was the younger sister since Meg was well known before her.

Quite young compared to the rest of the cast of The Big Chill.