What's YOUR problem? A thread for griping.

In my heartfelt belief that a serious gripe deserves a frivolous one in reply… [clears throat]

I am SO TIRED of the whole blasted world demanding that I drop whatever I’m doing and take a survey!

For pity’s sake, I’m patronizing your credit union, dentist’s office, kebab cart, whatever on a regular basis. I haven’t bounced any payments or left any flaming bags of cat crap on your stoop. Isn’t that enough?!

Also, you invariably lie about how long these things take. They’re always too long, and they’re always irritating as hell. As for your very infrequent offers of some insulting “gift” like a $5 Amazon card? That means nothing to me, since I don’t use Amazon.

Just lay off already. (We all know that no one really reads this jabber when it comes back to them anyway.)


We understand that you don’t care for surveys.

Would you please fill out the following form rating your specific feelings about some specific surveys?

/me ducks


I’ll need a $500 Amazon gift card first. So I have something more durable than toothpicks to use on my teeth.


Wooden matchsticks? At least those have 100% less dog urine on them.

Gripe? Well, it’s mild, but now that the weather seems to have decided firmly on the side of sunshine and all that, I have to break out the ridiculously large sunhat for at work.

Still have to wear the headband, Rambo style, to soak up the sweat before it reaches the eyes, but it’s a challenge to use the huge hat in tandem with.

People may well laugh at Huge Hat, but by gum, in the end, it’s worth it for the complexion-preserving properties.

Just adds complexity to my wardrobe that I’d rather not have to deal with. However, it is necessary.


Another day, another round of staying off social media because I didn’t get up at midnight to watch the Obi-Wan Kenobi finale.

I guess I’m such a terrible fake fan! :laughing:


I sometimes take them but drop them immediately if I come across one of those questions where you have to write out an answer. I write for a living and I’m not giving them an essay unless it’s for the going rate.


I’d rather have a space to leave a comment about a particular issue than this ridiculous choose-from-six-or-seven-options in varying degrees of good or bad. That’s a noxious time-sucker whether it’s written down or over the phone. I absolutely can’t stand that bilge. “Good” or “Bad” or “Neutral” should be all the choices anyone needs.


Would you say that only three choices is:
Highly Effective
Somewhat Effective
Neither Effective nor Ineffective
Somewhat Ineffective
Highly Ineffective


My answer to everything at this point is “CLOWN HAMMER.”

Thennnks. :angel:


Photoshop has been free at https://www.gimp.org/ for, like, ever.

Minus the Adobe, thankfully, because everything they touch turns to shiz (still looking at you, FrameMaker). F$%2@ &!@+ing Adobe in the $@#&*@, I’ll be danged if I’ll install their grabbage on my PC ever again, free or not.


In addition to its terrible name, I find that program to be impossible. Maybe it’s because I trained on Photoshop initially, but everything about “the G” just feels counter-intuitive.

That said, somebody made a fork of it called Glimpse. So I may check that out one of these days. Maybe it’ll be easier on the second go-round.


I get it, I’ve found Photoshop counter-intuitive as well, but I’m pretty sure that all of the PS functionality is somewhere in G, without the Adobe-standard big fat memory hoggery and 19 processes sitting there doing nothing BUT DON’T KILL THEM.


Been dealing with a slew of Amazon sellers for product reviews and most are satisfied with the product reviews I provide them but then there’s a few that ask a thousand questions wanting me to go into much further detail on their particular product and despite informing them that I will try to provide as much detail as possible they still aren’t convinced!
Like for example, a seller wants me to review their knife set that includes 2 cutting knives, a 2 prong fork and a meat tenderizer and they want me to go out and buy various fruits and vegetables along with various meats like chicken turkey and beef to test them on… I guess they think everything is affordable these days to just go out and buy a bunch of food to cut, poke, and beat just for a product review video… Uh Not gonna happen :roll_eyes:

A followup to this post…
The seller contacted me this afternoon saying they would be willing to pay the costs for purchasing the various food items like ham, turkey, beef, apples, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions to demonstrate using the knives on various food items. Then they keep wanting us to emphasize how good they are or how well they cut and referencing pics and videos of others and other non important details of what they want to see in the product review video over and over and over…
I give them an estimate of $50 for the cost of the food items and they come back with only wanting us to demonstrate the knives on 3 food items and to re-estimate the food costs.
Finally my wife said this is getting ridiculous! They want too much detail for a $40 knife set and chances are it still won’t meet with their approval so I canceled the product review.
Then they reply saying " We believe you can do it as we have seen your videos on your shop, we think you are responsible and conscientious . Also, the products are really amazing. Showing the sharpness of knives is one part of a product review, right? If need more time, we would love to wait. Thanks for your kindly support."
Then why keep badgering me about all the micro-managing details you want to see in this video?? :roll_eyes:
Yeah nah keep your knife set. Next!

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Are you sure this doesn’t belong in the Phishing scammer thread? :slight_smile: Seriously, they seem to be trying way to hard.


IF all these bad retail experiences are meant to make me feel better about the saucer-sized bloated tick of medical debt still firmly lodged between my shoulder blades A YEAR after my three-hour trip to the hospital for an exploratory, it’s working. Kind of. Thank you and HELLO, MSTies!!


No I require links to their Amazon product and store so they’re legit but damn, this seller is the worst one I’ve dealt with yet!


Need I elaborate?


Yeah see I don’t give out my phone number to any of these Amazon sellers just for this reason :open_mouth:


I think this might be true, and if so, this is kind of a mild gripe.

Why can’t we have nice things on the web? No, I don’t mind occasionally griming my way through Java (not Javascript, mind you), although I’d not willingly attempt to make a desktop application from ground up in Java, although it’s not a steep learning curve for C++ and STL guys like me to overcome, and sensible languages like Python are, and have been, gaining inroads for punters like me who just want to create the odd script or something to do simple stuff in a browser.

Javascript? Why! Why? It’s the Glenn Manning of big, bad things. No, not any concrete reasons, I just don’t like it.

LISP would have been exceptional, but it seems to me it’s just a toy these days, with many dialects, and its pigeonholed reputation as an academic AI language and for light scripting for things like emacs.

No, I don’t write code professionally, but I do tinker around with some projects and try to keep up with theoretical CS when I find the chance.

Just my like, a couple three cents or whatever.