What's YOUR problem? A thread for griping.

Yeah see I don’t give out my phone number to any of these Amazon sellers just for this reason :open_mouth:


I think this might be true, and if so, this is kind of a mild gripe.

Why can’t we have nice things on the web? No, I don’t mind occasionally griming my way through Java (not Javascript, mind you), although I’d not willingly attempt to make a desktop application from ground up in Java, although it’s not a steep learning curve for C++ and STL guys like me to overcome, and sensible languages like Python are, and have been, gaining inroads for punters like me who just want to create the odd script or something to do simple stuff in a browser.

Javascript? Why! Why? It’s the Glenn Manning of big, bad things. No, not any concrete reasons, I just don’t like it.

LISP would have been exceptional, but it seems to me it’s just a toy these days, with many dialects, and its pigeonholed reputation as an academic AI language and for light scripting for things like emacs.

No, I don’t write code professionally, but I do tinker around with some projects and try to keep up with theoretical CS when I find the chance.

Just my like, a couple three cents or whatever.

Without getting into details, I am BEYOND hacked off right now due to the news.

If you live in the United States, you know what news I’m talking about.



Please don’t. I’ll be tempted to vent big-time, and nobody anywhere on the political spectrum will like what I have to say. There’s SO many other spaces for that.


Until the end comes, I hope this forum will continue to function as a place of calm and escape from all this.

I hope to go out with my dignity intact.


I gave up on dignity years ago. I just don’t want to have to work hard for attention. Politics is hard. Recycling fart joke-based riffs is easy.


As they say, “I should really just relax!
For Mystery Science Theater Three Thooosaaaaaaaaaaand!”


As do I. Which is why I didn’t go into exhaustive detail about my feelings. I didn’t want to bring it here except as an amorphous concept, but I was so angry I had to get it off my chest in some fashion. Just typing out that post helped, and I’m calmer now.


Also, why did I get a ping for something I posted three months ago?

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What do you mean by a “ping”?

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The quote from a few posts up gave me a notification.

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Discourse sends out notifications anytime someone quotes you, reacts or replies to your post, etc. Another user quoted something from a March 7 post of yours 17 hours ago so you got a heads-up.

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All of this, that and the other.

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Have I mentioned how much I hate the current grocery store experience? I have? Well, here’s more.

A certain South US/Florida grocery store chain has decided to start using the same size/“color” signage for “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” items and the signage they’ve been using for about a decade for “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” items.

“Color” in this case … is grayscale. Cheep-ass bastards.

As I watched the items scroll by on the screen at the checkout, I noticed that they didn’t ring up as a BoGo…

I asked about this and got multiple snarky remarks -

“That sign must be left from last week!” - If it’s the price posted, not my fault, you have to honor it… Not be snarky at me or any other customer…

“It’s buy TWO get ONE! You need to READ the sign!” - No, you need to not use the identical signage for buy 2 get 1 and you do for buy 1 get 1. It’s deceptive and unethical, especially considering how many people probably don’t catch it at checkout.

This is a store I’m only shopping at because they carry items I need to buy for family members. I started boycotting them years ago when another friendly employee there yelled at me, "You’re too short to be 21! " and tried to destroy my “fake” ID… This was immediately after a tall person, who otherwise didn’t look old enough to drive, wasn’t asked for ID when purchasing beer… grumble.

Behaviors like this kind of make me root for Amazon to crush them all and put them all out of business… Not that Amazon’s any better, but SMFH…

Edit - Yup, I’m a cranky old man well ahead of my years. I just hate seeing companies act like this (the deceptive signage) and the employees act hostile when caught red handed. I’m sure at least a few of my older customers who also shop there were probably taken on that one. Yeah, it’s only a few bucks, but a few bucks here and there add up. And, the amount shouldn’t matter, it’s bull butter, plain and simple.

Piggy-backing on the grocery store irritation

I have to alternate the stores I shop at because I can’t get everything I need at one place. And I’m not talking about esoteric stuff here. So I end up going to one place one week and the other place another week.

I don’t even bother anymore if someone asks me if I found everything I needed. The few times I’ve told them no, they gave me this look like a scared rabbit and just said “oh, umm, oh” and moved on.

We won’t even get into the price of things at the moment. There are only two of us and thank god we don’t eat a lot of meat (and what meat we do eat I buy at a separate butcher shop).

I prefer to use the self-checkouts (I can keep a closer eye on how things scan and items get bagged how I want them) but the bagging station for one store is so hyper-sensitive, it takes me twice a long to get everything scanned.


I’ll see your grocery store and raise you gas stations.

There are at least two gas stations near my house that accept credit cards at the pump… except when I insert my credit card, it demands I enter a PIN.

There’s no PIN! It’s not a debit card! So I confirm with the cashier that it’s supposed to accept credit but of course he doesn’t know why it’s borked. Then I say I want to fill it up on 3 and he says… “can you give me an amount?” NO WHY WOULD I KNOW THAT IN ADVANCE

What aggravates me the most is we have known how to do this for decades! This was a solved problem! I guess of all the dumbshit ways in which we’re regressing, inability to pay at the pump it’s the most important, but F*** THAT

Sorry I’m trying to get through today without burning anything down and I’m not sure this helped



My pet theory is that Covid took out all the nicer employees first. Or they just got fed up with whatever negligible wage they were getting to :notes: shake hands with danger :notes: and they all opted for some other career. Probably involving NFTs. :circus_tent:

Oh, and Fred’s/Kroger’s has done similar for years. They’ll set up a Specials display with a mix of store-brand and more prestigious items that are similar content-wise. But then you’ll get to the checkout and find that the one you selected is a higher price than what was touted on the display in BIG TYPE. Feh.

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Yeah, all but 1 familiar face has disappeared at the store I’m discussing above. Even a few department managers you could trust to care to help have left.

Another store I find myself at regularly lost it’s manager, front manager, and most awesone cashier.

I just hope they all landed in better situations (health, stress, income, etc) and are happy. All seemed like great people who deserved better than what the average customer was probably dishing out at them the past two years.


That is a coincidence. I have had very bad flatulence since eating the tainted meat yesterday.

I am not happy about that! Is it because my darker colored shorts are in the laundry hamper and need to be laundered? (/* well, I say “hamper” but I really mean “on the floor in multiple rooms” but hey I’m the one who has collect the specimens! */)


Do I enjoy laundering soiled clothes? No! Never!

And yet one does.

Soil and cleanse. It could be just about an opera, or a small stage play. Wozzeck ho!

But I am happy to say Kroger-owned groceries haven’t done me like they did you all. Nor gas stations. That’s a very unfortunate series or pattern of incongruous, unacceptable treatment for you all. I do not approve! Eff 'em!

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