Who wants a SEASON 13 SET WRAP BACKER UPDATE? You do! You do!

Season 13 is in the can, so to speak, and we’ve got a big photo dump for you today in the latest backer update.

Keep an eye out for another update next week explaining all the gory details of how you can ensure you’ll be set up to watch the season 13 premiere THIS FRIDAY!

Finally! Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized Crow, or a hundred duck-sized Servos?


Servo’s shape would make him easily kick-over-able if he were duck sized. I am unwilling to face the sheer feral tenacity of a horse-sized Crow


Imagine the size of the cubes a horse sized Crow would poop…


How many turkeys would make up a horse-sized Crow?


The horse sized Crow’s hubris would lead to his easy downfall. Plus those thin legs on a horse sized body would be easily taken down like the Rebels took down the AT-ATs in Jedi.


We would need some kind of expert to do that math.


At least Hypothetical Horse Crow has functional arms, just sayin…


I, correctly or no, envision more comedic potential and maximum quippage in fighting the 100 duck-sized Servos, but I would so miss being told to enjoy a nice serving of brown betty… with death…

Great update, loving the shots. I hope some bts and making of etc is on the horizon, too.

And I sense misdirection regarding the presence of raisin snails on set. Did Big Grape step in and throw dollar bills around? Is Joel shilling for Big Grape? Is Joel in fact Big Grape?


I think we all know who’s behind the curtain pulling strings for Big Grape.



Wow, exciting stuff! Loving all the photos as always!

Thanks again for another update!

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In a previous post, I made reference to “AT-ATs in Jedi”. The correct name of the walkers in Jedi were AT-STs. AT-ATs were only in Empire Strikes Back.

We regret the error.


Ah, no. Please to watch Jedi again.

Aw the big lunk, right back to childhood he drags me. Apurpled and apurposed. But I think it’s that Hodgson fella, this guy’s just the weight that gets the squeeze. Or something.


Great update as always, thanks @Lesley and @ivan!

Loved all the pictures. I guess now we know the Chekov-esque uniform shirt was for Servo. Can’t wait to find out why.

Emily needs a box if there are going to be more co-host photos. She kinda gets swamped by those two big guys next to her.

Nice to see Kirk! Loved the Muppets Haunted Mansion special. And hey, now you will be known for something other than “punk rocker on bus in Star Trek IV!” :rofl:

It’s almost here! Getting excited!


The photos look amazing!
… however, since last week, I realized that not everyone was there. Nate Begle disappeared from us without any explanations. And now I’m starting to miss him.


And I want to go on record again with my theory that for the triple-header, Jonah is Crow and Joel is Servo, if you will. (I mean, just look at their jumpsuits?)

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I am really and trully excited about this. I know it’s a short sentence, but what else can I say?

So, Jonah and Joel are in the theater with Emily, only to reveal later that it was Crow and Tom in disguise?


Wellllll, yes and no. I hate to ruin the season for everyone but I don’t like any of you, so:


(and jeez would I feel like crap if anything like that actually played out, but I think I’m pretty safe here, alas…)

I’m confused. Will the new episode only be available to watch during this live premiere window, or will it be available to view for all backers starting on the 3rd and any time after?

If you bought a Gizmoplex pass (Experiment 35 was the first level to include a membership) you will have access to the premier event on March 4. If your backer status did not include a Gizmoplex pass, and if you did not buy one separately when they were on sale last fall, the episode will be available at a later date (not sure they’ve said how much later they will be available to everyone)

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