Animals from around the world, so many exhibits, children of all ages. The African Veldt, The Australian Adventure, The Asian Trek. What jumps out where you live? Pandas, Tasmanian Devils, Hippos. Boat Rides, Trains, Aquariums. Is it only for kids? Where haven’t you gone? Washington, Cincinnati, The Bronx. You go by yourself? With family? Have a favorite? Or can’t decide?

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Years ago, as a little boy, I visited the Bronx Zoo in New York City; I went with my family and on school field trips.

Back in 2016, I went to our local zoo here in Fargo, the Red River Zoo. We saw all kinds of creatures but I remember most the red pandas.



The red pandas got fed grapes aka “panda candy”.

And none of them sang death metal like a certain Japanese red panda from Sanrio.


Been to L.A. and San Diego a few times in my childhood and once at the Santa Ana in Orange County.

Last time I went was 29 years ago in L.A…

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I’ve gone to the San Francisco Zoo alone a few times. It’s not a great zoo, but I really like taking pictures of the animals and it’s close. Will post a few below but first…

The most memorable zoo experience I had was almost being crushed to death by a camel. But since I don’t have a photo of that, here is a picture of me and my incredible 80’s haircut and Members Only jacket, at the Berlin Zoo where for a small additional fee they would let you hold lion cubs. I bet they don’t do this anymore.

Some of my favorite SF zoo pics:

I am also about 90 minutes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is really great.


Your photography as seen eleswhere is so exquisite. You capture whatever it is. I love the one photo. How long were you holding them?


Thank you! I really don’t remember the lion thing that well, but probably just a couple of minutes. As you can see, even though they are tiny cubs, they are still quite large cats!


That’s the only time you could do that! They grow so fast.

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We haven’t been to a zoo in ages. The most recent is probably not really a zoo, but a rescue center, called Monkey World. I’m not sure if it made it to the US, but you’ll know it if you’ve seen the show Monkey Life. Obviously it’s all primates, but it’s all really well done and they’re more about caring for the animals than making money displaying them.


I went to 2 zoos in 2 different states so far: the Zoo at Lowry Park in Florida, and the Woodland Park Zoo in Washington.


Woodland Park Zoo?

It’s a zoo located somewhere in Seattle.

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I liked the National Zoo when I lived around DC mainly because it was free, huge and a pleasant walk.

When we first got pandas in Zoo Atlanta I went a few times

I’m not sure if it counts, but there was one of those drive-around safari things in Texas back in the seventies that I loved going to. Can’t imagine how much the insurance would cost these days!


So, you were saying…?