1006. Boggy Creek II: And The Legend Continues (1985)

The first thing I saw before the coffee was done this morning was the endless Jeep Argument Scene. Again. [sigh]

Same principle applies:

Someone should combine this scene with Gamera’s legendary Fish Argument scene and see if we can belatedly get a Cable Ace Award or at least a free appetizer from Pearl.


I’ve done an extensive study of the Bechdel Test in MST3K, which I regard more as an interesting thought experiment. It certainly isn’t an indicator of quality, and movies that pass don’t always feature feminine empowerment. Consider how the MST3K films that pass quite handily include The Atomic Brain, Angels’ Revenge, and Horrors of Spider Island.


Atomic Brain, as lousy as it is, at least has the younger woman characters concerned with one another… despite them also being not very bright or good at planning. But of course, it also has old women are evil. lol


Yeah, the Bechdel Test is more about demonstrating that it should be incredibly easy to pass even that simple bar… and yet many pieces of media do not.


Yeah, the test, which was initially created as part of a gag in the gay comic strip ****s to Watch Out For where a character makes a test for her own movie tastes, is more about damning the wider space of film representation than specific film. It’s not that a single film should pass it but many many more should be passing it and it is demonstrative of larger problems of representation.


Dykes To Watch Out For.

A great strip which should be immortalized in the Nineties thread. Say it loud as Pride Month is always closer than we think. :grin: :rainbow_flag:

“I re-rent Alien a lot. The two women get to talk about the monster.” :wink:


Older people in the arts tend to be one extreme or the other. Benign or mastermind.


The women usually seem to end up Evil.

I wish I too had the excuse of turning Evil because my good looks were gone. But I didn’t start out with good looks, so THAT’S off the table. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless you’re Katherine Hepburn. Or Olivia DeHavilland except for Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964). Or Lillian Gish or Joan Crawford. Ruth Gordon could be either. And Judi Dench. If you’re a star or a known quantity, you could be sweet. It depended on looks, how the screen liked you, and typecasting.

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“Psycho Biddy” became a whole genre after the success of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, if you believe wiki.

I do kinda’ like Shelly Winters as the heroic yenta in The Poseidon Adventure, though of course she was not allowed to live to the end of the film. Also, she was FIVE YEARS younger then than I am now. lol I’m not quite ready to regard myself as a Senior. I should at least be permitted to draw Social Security first. (KA-CHING!!!)

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I’m very partial to her Mrs. Rosen in The Poseidon Adventure (1972). I won’t ever forget Rogo’s tribute. “Ya had a lotta guts, lady… a lotta guts.” She’s the heart of the film. She died so the others could live. A better fate than Jennifer Jones in The Towering Inferno (1974). Another nice lady meeting a sad end. Price of working for Irwin Allen?

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There were a few of those in the 60s and the 70s. The only one that seemed to help was Bette Davis. She played those till her death. I loved her in The Whales of August (1987).

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I realize that being typecast is regarded as a stigma among the more hoity toity actors. But to paraphrase Martin Sheen’s vastly more talented, yet less appreciated brother Joe Estevez, “Typecast is still cast.”


How great is Boggy Creek 2? I love this one, it’s not top 10 for me but it is definitely top 30. The movie is easy enough to get through, there’s lots of space for riffing, then “Old Man” Crenshaw shows up and an already great episode gets even better. This one is a good starter episode for new folks to get into the series, right up there with Time Chasers and Final Sacrifice.

And the movie itself is so stupidly pompous too. Mr. Pierce had a hit on his hands with the OG Boggy Creek movie, so later on he decides to ignore the sequel, make his own sequel, and due to what I assume is an inflated sense of his own talents, cast himself as the lead and include substantial roles for his son and trophy wife while he’s at it. As mean as the sci-fi era of the show can be at times, this is a movie that kinda asks for it. It’s a film so pleased with itself and high on its own importance that it asks to be taken down a peg. Mike and the Bots do just that and aren’t we glad they did?

Overall a low key classic in my book.


@Rowsdoweruno. Much of a fan of this one?

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You better believe it I love this one!

Driving down the road looking for a waffle House drinking lots of wild turkey!!

Mike his batch!

You got to work on your camel toe son.

Yes these River bottoms…

There’s a legend of a beer in this swamp

I’ll let the castrato check it out

May I borrow a cup of shirt

Geez kid do a push-up


To keep his head together! :laughing:

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“Third Grade Level.”

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Pierce in this movie ripped off another old Bigfoot movie with his “computer-tracking” system.

But he’s making lousy Boggy Creek movies in the afterlife now.

I got the first movie on video somewhere…I wonder if I tried putting it on you-tube…If “Tim” would come after me…make me take off my shirt and sue me for mishandling his Pappy’s movie! :laughing:

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Pierce’s family remastered the first film. It even has a website.