Buried Forum Treasure

Do you have some favorite forum posts that didn’t get much traction?

Has a topic been buried under the sands of time, and you awkwardly need help digging it back up?

Do you want to share your favorite forums to your buddies, but don’t know the best place to do so?

Here’s your place to share those posts!

Please link your favorite posts that have been buried over time, or just never got the traction you hope they would, and share what you like about them!


I love the behind the scenes of film. Was sad to see there wasn’t much traction on this post.

Shout-out to this forum that is in the same vein and desire as this post.

A neat project that was posted around the Holidays.

Ever get tired of reading reviews on a MST3k episode and it’s somebody just saying the movie sucked? Contribute your own reviews along with other Mysties!!!


Could be fun to tap that Activity filter on the main list (well, twice so it shows oldest first) and breathe a li’l life into the threads from the early days of the Discourse.