Can I volunteer to fix the TV subtitles?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the subtitles that run on TV rebroadcasts were added by people who didn’t understand the references or didn’t get the jokes, and it makes the subtitles sad. I have to double back on the joke to translate what it actually was, instead of whatever mish-mash nonsense words the subtitler entered. The first five minutes of Sampson Vs the Vampire Women is painful to watch.


They’ve got a Google Doc Form for it: Gizmoplex [CLOSED CAPTION] Issues

See this comment from @ivan from long long ago SOLVED: Subtitle corrections for MST3K Episode #1302, Robot Wars - #5 by ivan


Thanks for the response!!

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Of course, that’s true regardless of subtitles.


You can create your own *.srt file (or edit an existing one) if you watch via software (like Plex) that lets you choose external subtitle sources.

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Point taken. But it’s not the fun, expected MST3k painful. I just hate seeing good jokes get butchered in translation.