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Hello friends! My wife and I LOVE Turkey Day but this year a family emergency (its better now) caused us to miss it. I wasn’t too worried as I figured I’d watch it in the gizmoplex or on the Tubes of You, later. But YT doesn’t have it at all now and Gizmoplex doesn’t feature captions. I have some hearing issues. I can crank up an episode and hear it but the problem is then the riffer’s comments are super loud etc. I really wish captions were always a part of anything in the gizmoplex. Any comments or suggestions? thank you!!


Im so sorry thats some bull!

the captions on gizmoplex episodes are pretty good, its upsetting they didnt incorporate them into the marathon…an alternative is possibly looking at the marathon itinerary and watching the individual episodes in order in the 'plex?

All youd be missing is 2 minute countdowns at commercial breaks, the same crowdfundr ads repeated about a million times (they are cute ads! just…a million times), and the occasional Shout! PSA…although I know its not really the same experience…


Seconded! That felt like such a slight, given MST’s history of inaccessibility for budgetary reasons and the improvements made in the last several years!

I was able to wring captions out of the classic episodes during the marathon itself (Gizmoplex over Roku app), including the upscales, but the new ones not so much. I shall now delete several lines of speculating fruitlessly about why, because IDK how delivery works on that platform! It was really jarring, and the S13 audio mix definitely doesn’t make turning audio up desirable, so I feel for OP.


I’m not sure about the other Turkey Day episodes, but all Season 13 episodes definitely have captions. (They were available with them episodes to download.) How to turn them on, however… I don’t know.

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I know it can’t perfectly recreate the days-long experience, but the YouTube channel has isolated the host segments as a single video with the option of using CC.

So you could toggle back and forth between this and the movies themselves, even though it’s kind of a nuisance.


I’m glad they took the time and money to have the captions made. Unless there’s a technical or contractual issue I’m unaware of, I hope they update the Turkey Day video sooner rather than later.

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