Chat feature on the Watch Along

I’m here for the watch-along for Sumuru and usually, I can either login to the embedded Arena chat or enter my name and start chatting. However, neither is working for me tonight. I tried in both Chrome and Edge. Too late to mess with it tonight (using the Discource chat and Twitch), but thought I’d bring it up. It worked last season for me, mostly in Edge whenever Chrome would punk out. Thanks!

I have to use FireFox. Chrome worked for months and gave up, and it’s been FireFox for me ever since.

Firefox’s worked well for me for those purposes, too, aye.

Thanks, you guys, I will try it out.

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Last season, I never had any problems with the chat in the theater site with Chrome. But with the regular site, the chat only works for me in Edge. I really dislike Edge, so I hope it can be fixed for Chrome or replaced with something better.