Coming Attractions

Upcoming movies you can’t wait to see? The newest Marvel, the latest arthouse, the next in your favorite series. What are excited about seeing? What are you dreading? Is anything leaving you scratching your head?

I only see limited engagement movies one hour west of me in L.A. if it’s something I’m REALLY looking forward to. I reserved Licorice Pizza for Saturday so I’m taking the Metrolink train and metro subway, since I don’t drive, to the Regency Fox theater. Can’t help but think it would be at the Arclight if it had not gone out of post COVID business. I’ve seen a few limited releases there like Three Billboards , Married Life (McAdams to me is Catrall to Crow) and Juno.

Glad King’s Man is FINALLY getting released since COVID kept pushing it back and I’m definitely seeing Spider Man although that may take longer since theater sites have crashed because of it’s sold out screenings. I hear some remake of a musical with some guy who directed Space Mutiny is getting good reviews as well.


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@LadyShelley I actually look prior to posting and I didn’t see it.