COMING SOON: A New Mods’ Choice Watch Party Series

Who do I need to follow on Twitch for this?

Two separate conversations are going on here. :slight_smile:

For the Mod’s Choice watch parties, you don’t have to follow anyone. Everything happens right here in the forum.

For more information on the Riff Alongs, @FlyingSquid is hosting those. You can find more info in this thread:

(all of the twitch info is in the first post)


So, as long as someone can explain it to me, like Im a technologically disabled baby boomer, then yes!

Thats not true. Didnt you see yourself in one of the super secret rooms watching David Bowie eating a chicken leg and staring at his enormous cod piece?


Speaking of enormous cod pieces fish and chips rock!

I remember watching such an event with Mitchell eating chicken, with his Roscoe falling down out of his pant leg, but I don’t remember the David Bowie thing.

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His Roscoe?

Slang for gun…or whatever you want it to be.

Never heard that one. So you have fond memories of Mitchell’s Melvin creeping out of his bell bottom leg?

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Of course I have fond memories of that, don’t you dream about Mitchell’s beer fueled man handling of his area?

When Mitchell tucks his pistol in his jeans, Joel sez “Just have to adjust my Roscoe”

Also great collage work!


You read my mind. Sometimes I just dream of Mitchell spilling cheap beer all over me, then coating the rubber sheet on his pull out bed couch with baby oil. I could literally watch him shove stuff down those dirty dungarees all day. Until he finally busts me for smoking a joint, sends me to jail and has me pay a huge fine.
That’s my Mitchell.

The RG-10, manufactured by Rohm, in Germany and sold abroad by various trade names, “Roscoe” (sic.) being one. It is generally considered to be the “worst handgun ever made”. With bad design, materials, and manufacturing processes. It was the origin of the term “Saturday Night Special”, a gun you could purchase for very cheap, and was good for maybe one use on a Saturday night. It had a bad reputation for misfiring and catastrophic failure endangering its users.

It’s a .22, and many people see the bullet, and think “how cute”, but .22’s can cause all sorts of internal damage as they have a tendency to bounce around inside the human body. Or, more likely, causing harm to anybody unlucky enough to be around it. They are actually illegal in some places to own, work on, or use.

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The RG10 is indeed every bit as bad as you say, and possibly even worse -

However, I can find no evidence that it is the source of the slang ‘Roscoe’.

I’m also curious where .22 is illegal, but other calibers are not, except when hunting.

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I found this thread informative.…-23222317.html

ETA: The ammunition issue might be European in nature with the amount of laws restricting various things.

The link doesn’t work for me.

I will agree that while the RG10 is a Roscoe, not all Roscoes are RG10s.

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Wow, we are way off topic here.


“I can really feel it HERE.”


It’s just an evaluation of the RG-10’s value, and its many faces in manufacturing, one of which was the Rosco Company, which sold the revolver here in the states. Rosco still makes gun parts, and looks to be a step up in quality from this past offering.

I just learned that Roscoe is slang for a gun about 3 days ago. Weird.

can anyone guess which episode will be mine? Yes, thats right, I’m claiming one of them and we haven’t announced any episodes yet.

Go on, guess.


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