Favourite Studio

What is your favourite studio for MST3k movies?

I have a real soft spot for Cannon, the studio that produced mostly trashy b-films that tried to include everything people love…

Sadly only two movies from them, I think, made it on the show (Alien from L.A., Outlaw of God). If we ever get another season…


There’s only ONE right answer - American International.

The source of the bulk of MST3K’s greatness.


Yup :point_up_2:

has anyone, any fansite or wiki produced a list of studios? Because I’d be hard pressed to remember them all without looking them up. Which I did for the Russian fantasies.

Mosfilms were the folks behind Day the Earth Froze (Sampo), Sinbad (Sadko) and Sword and the Dragon (Ilya Muromets)… seen them restored, unmisted, and they were pretty good on their own, the Americanized versions (done by AIP?) made for a funny riffing.

Jack Frost wasn’t Mosfilm, but Gorky Studios, who also did KTMAs “Humanoid Woman” (To the Stars by Hard Ways)

Aside from those, off the top of my head, the season 8 Universals were good.


That’s an interesting thought. I’d be hard pressed to know any of the studios. My favorite genre overall is the black and white horror movie that typically list what monster we will see right in the title. Things like “The Killer Shrews” or “The Crawling Eye.” So whichever of studio produced those types of movies.

Even though they’ve only done a couple, for personal reasons, it would have to be Full Moon. Although I suppose you could also count other Charles Band movies as technically also Full Moon since he basically would just keep starting new studios.

Soon after I moved out of my parents’ house, my girlfriend (now wife), an old high school friend and his girlfriend all moved into my grandparents’ old house together. Every week, we would walk down to the nearby video store to rent a movie for Full Moon Night because, for some reason, the store had pretty much every Full Moon movie.

Almost every Full Moon movie shows breasts at some point. We made a game out of it.


Also, what’s with that British Commonwealth spelling in the title? THIS IS AMERICA, BUDDY!



Doing some more digging, they also did a fair amount from Crown International Pictures

First Spaceship on Venus (originally DEFA), The Creeping Terror, Bloodlust, Catalina Caper, Sidehackers, Hellcats, Wild Rebels, Skydivers, and the Last Chase. Along with several from Rifftrax.

They tapped Crown several times in season 2, like season 8 did with Universal, went back to them for 3 more in season 6.

With the shorts, you have Jam Handy and Coronet, to name only 2.


Castle Films and Britannica Films would be two other providers of shorts.

Personally, I think Jam Handy put the most effort into their films. They did A Case of Spring Fever and Hired! amongst others. They actually tried to make their shorts into real movies rather than the bland offerings of companies like Britannica.


Or drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

Oh wait, that’s ACI.


I’d like this on a t-shirt.


Nice - but I’d like a “My Jam Handy” written somewhere, maybe on the back.

The widget short the Mads did is another example of that.

Centron had Herk Harvey, so that was their ace in the hole, not sure if he went that far imagination wise (he saved that for Carnival of Souls)


Would Sandy Frank Studios count?

As far as big goes, Universal are no slouches. They even made our movie with Gramercy.

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Someone with some decent vector tracing skills could definitely make a decent shirt out of that, but I don’t know who but you and I would buy it.

Edit: Of course there’s a Jam Handy Facebook group. Lots of fun stuff on it too.


They were apparently in the business of making projectors, lenses and other things too:


The Jam Handy studio building in Michigan:

It deserves some loving restoration.

In better times: