Halloween 2023? Where O' Where is My Werewolf

Hey Suzie, whats the matter? What’s wrong?
Oh Nothing I guess
Come on Suzie, you can tell us
Yeah, gee, I don’t know, girls. Well, ok. It’s like this
You know Steve?
Steve’s a werewolf but he’s my guy
He’s different from the rest I dont know why
But my mother and pop they disapprove
But No one can stop us cause its true luv
Well, i had to rhythm the two words and there not the same
Oh, sure, got it
Where, oh werewolf
I’ve looked every werewolf
Where oh where is my werewolf
Late one night we drove in his car to make out point it wasn’t that far
-take the hiawatha exit left at the first stop sign
Well, whose story is this Carol?
The moon was full he pulled me close
I held his paw and touched his cold nose
–that means he’s healthy
But just then his hairy paws caused the wheel to slide
I screamed, too late, we hit a tree, he died
Gee, thats too bad Suzie!
Where oh werewolf, I looked every werewolf.
Where, oh where, oh where, oh where is my werewolf?

Well done. Its fun to play a girl group.
Yeah, that was fun.
Well… hey, say Mike, you didn’t really go out with a guy named Steve who died did ya? Or?

Well, ya know…


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