How's the Business Side Looking?

But I need more alumni visits in the spirit of 1994’s Turkey Day… before the ones remaining pass on. :crossed_fingers:


Oh, yeah, I guess there’s that.


Patton Oswalt was on Colbert last night and I was hoping for at least a mention of MST3K and The Gizmoplex. Nada.

He’s got so many plates spinning on poles, when does he sleep?

I Love My Dad looks hilarious btw.


Ugh how could he forget? Maybe he has a clone too. Those clones are so unreliable.


Weren’t there at least three of him on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


The dude hustles. He knows that’s how to stay in show business.


Throw in whatever they get to do sponsorship ads and we’re basically there.


Plus many of us are prepared to spend ludicrous sums on merch.


I wouldn’t be bothered by a “Kickstarter” format each year but on the Gizmoplex site, with a counter of how many full-year subscriptions have been sold and then the number of episodes for the next year that will buy us.

It might encourage some people who think it’s a steep price to understand that they’re not just buying the show but making the show. And maybe if there’s a 10% discount for a subscription during that month (or package of a digital freebies), it’ll encourage people to pull the trigger during the subscription drive as opposed to waiting for later.

Plus, it gives a specific window for fans to be active in getting friends on board and tweeting about it and so forth. But doing it on the Gizmoplex means MST3K gets all of the funds, plus gets people clicking onto the site to check it out for perhaps the first time.

Just my two cents.


Kickstarter’s going to have some diminishing returns, though. I was able to dump a lot more than I could afford annually into the last Kickstarter. If it was going to be every year, I’d probably have to pledge at a lower level. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, and some people would just stop donating. I’m in for annual membership fees and Blu-ray sets, but I can’t go Snow Globe tier every year.


$100 is really my limit for most kickstarters.


I am 100% in this same boat. Subscribe for an annual plan and a dvd box set is gonna be my max going forward. I WAY overpledged for this KS, and I’m glad I did, but I can’t drop $300+ every year or 18 months… I wish I could. If I win the lottery, I will absolutely put as much money as I possibly can into MST, but until then, I will need to budget my funds accordingly.


I also went way overboard for the GizmoPlex Kickstarter (I was selling off my TMNT collection at the time and used the proceeds from that for my pledge) For Rifftrax Kickstarters I usually tap out around $100. I’d probably do the same for MST3K.


I’m in agreement on how I overspent this time and I skipped the snow globe only because we are trying desperately to downsize so more tchotchkes were discouraged!
But a digital download of the season fits neatly in the house so I can pay for goodies like that as an extra with less mental gymnastics.