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Wish Yeli could have that homer in the 2nd when Uke was doing the call. I really want to hear the “Get up! Get up! Get out of here! Gone!” call today, just in case.

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Mets, another rain out - Mariners, our ‘ace’ gets hammered. So dominating in his first outing, so dismal in his second. And of course, no offense whatsoever.

Second good result in 2 days for the Mets.

Rox currently losing to the Cubs 0-4.

At this rate they will come home for our home opener with a 1-6 record. SIGH.

Hard to get excited about the home opener with that sitting on us.

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Brewers and Pirates lost their first games, so that leaves the Tigers as the last of the unbeatens - but because of the weather, they’re only sitting at 4-0.

The Twins’ bats woke up late–especially that of Ryan Jeffers–to hand that first loss to Milwaukee. They’re 3-2 heading into their home opener tomorrow, but with a -1 run differential, thanks to that lopsided loss to KC on Sunday.

Rox tried to make a game of it late, still losing but 8-9 instead of the blowouts they’ve already had this season.

Home opener is Friday against Tampa Bay (who are 3-4)

Nice sweep by my halos. They actually beat a team that they should beat on paper for once and Miami still hasn’t won.

Watching the Cardinals on the MLB free game of the day and I haven’t heard Chip Caray for a while… does he have a cold or is he just getting older?

It’s weird the only two teams with no wins so far are in my division

Double header, First up - Mets had a 3-run lead, YIPEEE!

Before wiping out and losing 6 to 3 in 11 innings…

Second game - Tigers had a no hitter, which we spoiled, and then later Pete hits a homer.

And then Baty walks

And then Marte hits a sacrifice

And then… and then… and then along came, um, not Jones, but Tyrone Taylor, who hit a line drive towards a former Met and, by God we did it.

Mets finally win, 2-1, and as a plus, hand the Tiggers their first loss.

:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

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During the 2 games the Mets went 13 straight innings without a hit, something the team hasn’t done in over 50 years.
But they got a win, and maybe it’s the start of something.

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I’d post my true feelings about Fisher and Manfred today but I’d be flagged and I’m not alone on these feelings.

You as well, Farte Moreno.
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You can see the camera shake a bit, but they just practice right through it without pause. I read they are rare for the area, so that’s good. We get a few small ones here in my neck of the woods, but I’ve never noticed them, or was napped through the one that was more noticeable. (“you didn’t feel that?” - “No, I was sawing logs”)


What a way to start your home season, there, Rockies!

Good game, made better by the fact we played like a professional team and won with a walk-off gland slam, thank you very much.

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He has had a cold the past few days. I had to switch to the Padres’ broadcast the other night because he sounded so bad. Guessing that Bally was too cheap to hire someone so Chip could have had a couple of days off to recover. He at least sounded like he was on the mend yesterday, plus the Cardinals have the day off today, so hopefully by tomorrow, he’ll be even better.

Mets with only 4 hits tonight, but still they won 3-2. Thank heaven for good pitching.

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They made those hits count, so hooray for the Mets.

The Mariners tried to claw their way back, twice they did so, but our closer in the 9th was wretched, mind boggling awful… reminds me of a Rifftrax quip during A Dangerous Man, where they recruit a dead body to pitch for the M’s… honestly, we might have been better off with that. lol

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With Severino pitching, the Mets are likely to need far more than 3 runs today.

EDIT: A pretty quick hook by Mendoza, with Severino giving up 2 runs in 5 innings. Not too bad.

Rox have game two against the Rays at 6:10 Mountain. Will be curious to see if they play. Extreme wind today sustained winds at my house above 20mph, recorded one gust at 40mph. Winds are supposed to increase through the evening. Temps are in the high fortys but that will drop quickly once the sun sets.

This is not the 75 and sunny we had yesterday!

MLB may have dug a hole for themselves by adding all these one-and-done interleague series. Making up rainouts will by very difficult now.
Creating the season schedule is probably like putting together a million-piece jigsaw puzzle, but they might have done better to avoid having those interleague series in April.

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