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Good Christ, Ramírez, can we get a single out! Bases clearing HR, now he’s loaded up the bases.


I need to go take a walk, out in the rain we’re having.

(EDIT - Ha! I knew if I posted a complaint, he’d strike a guy out… finally)

And happy birthday @FastidiousRobot

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Especially here where we have an outdoor, uncovered stadium and snow is not unheard of into early May.

M’s have had a lovely day, batters are hitting, Polanco actually did something, Miller pitched a beauty of a game… then Austen Voth came in and tried to flush it all away, lasted 3 batters. Gabe replaces him and… immediately walks a man on 3 pitches.


Please Mariners, just 5 outs?

Nope, another walk, bases loaded. Gabes gone now too, let’s try Trent, let’s see if he can stop the bleeding?

PHEW - Jake wipes his brow

They made it difficult on themselves, but Urias finally stirs from his wide-awake nap and hits a HR, and Muñoz shuts down the final 3 batters for a Mariners win!

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Rox and Rays are playing. Rox up 4-1 in the 6th. And hey, two days in a row we look like a MLB team and not AA

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Rox blew a five hit lead, now losing 8-6 top of the ninth

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And we lost.

The bullpen should be made to clean the stadium. Starter struck out ten, had a 4-1 lead when he left. Hitters were hitting, good fielding. Bullpen looked like high schoolers.

The Twins didn’t do themselves any favors yesterday by going 0-for-11 with RISP. Today’s rainout may be their biggest break of the weekend, honestly. But yesterday’s “strike zone” sure didn’t help them either.

One of the only bits of information I was getting while on the road was updates on the Red Sox. So getting home with the Home Opener in two days with the team being 6-3 is not too bad.

Hey, as long as we beat the Yankees all is good in the world. Dang southerners. :unamused:

The Mariners were crushed, 12 to 4! :open_mouth:

But the Mets won - looks like another great outing from Manaea.

I’ll need to watch the highlights on that one as I missed watching the score at MLB.com

Rox are in the process of losing to the Rays 3-1 going into the 9th.


Met fans waited longer for Nimmo to wake up than it took Agent Cooper to wake up in Twin Peaks: The Return (you’d have to watch the show), but 2 HRs tonight for Nimmo, DJ Stewart’s first hit of the season is a HR, and the Mets hang on for an 8-7 win. 4 wins in their last 5.

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Yankees get beat by the hapless Marlins, and the Astros are crushed… what can be better than that. How about the Mariners going ape in the 11th inning and ending their 3-game losing streak (while giving the Jays there first extra innings loss of the season)

Damn, Mets, they went on a hit parade on the rival Braves, which is nice. 16 runs!!

They were rained out last night, does that mean a double header (I hope not, I think they’ll be all batted out after this one)

That was painful. I had to switch to the Masters

Severino pitching for the Mets tonight, and already a home run by Salvador Pérez. I see quite a few Royals games, and it always seems odd to me that the Mets announcers (and those of most other teams) pronounce Pérez’ name correctly, while the Royals announcers don’t.

Rockies currently winning in Toronto.

Let’s say that again.

The Rockies are winning


Mets came through against the red-hot Royals.

Mariners scored enough and had great pitching from Bryce Miller -thankfully he’s picked up the slack from our 2 -less than impressive- aces- and the defense has been superb of late. Polanco’s made some circus catches, as have our outfielders. We haven’t traditionally done well against the Cubs, but we owned them tonight.

Aaaand Spencer Strider is officially out for the season. Massive bummer for such a great guy coming off a career year

I saw the other day that Trevor Story is out for the season after dislocating his shoulder. He no longer plays for the Rockies, but he’s a good guy, hate to see injuries like that.

Oh and we must have made the Bluejays mad, we lost this afternoon

Mets and Mariners lose, M’s game was lackluster and dull, Mets put up a lot of points, just not enough of them.

I watched the Twins highlights after learning that they won both of theirs. In one, Joe Ryan struck out 12 - but that almost wasn’t enough, they had to go into extra innings, where a ball was misplayed by the Tiggers 3rd baseman and off to the races went the Twins.

Congrats to them, at least somebody had a good night. :+1: