MSTies Synchronicities

Has anyone else experienced any cool synchronicities with MST3K shows? If so, what was it?

My husband and I occasionally play a MST3K drinking game where we take a drink if certain things are said. Some of them are: any reference to Arby’s, “Jim Henson’s _________ Babies,” any time Tom Servo sings or hums along to the music, when Crow says “Kitty!,” any time they make those weird noises that TV’s Frank makes (I can’t even replicate it in type, but you know), the list goes on.

So the two days ago we were watching an episode and one of our drink riffs,“He asked me, he asked me,” came up. My husband asked me (Bwahaha! “He asked me, He asked me!”) if that was a reference to anything or just something they say. I told him I wasn’t sure. Just today, I was watching “Desk Set” an old Hepburn/Tracy movie, and Katharine Hepburn’s character said “He asked me. Finally! He asked me!” Oh, the Universe, you are so good at answering questions if one is willing to listen. Thank you, the Universe.

I also tend to make comments on ridiculous things in episodes that are observations just like Kevin Murphy’s Tom Servo right before he does (and not because I know what he says, but because I think it before he says it) . We are along the same wavelength in our streams of consciousness or something.

Anyway, those are my synchronicity stories, anyone else have one to share?


“He asked me, he asked me!” is a reference to a Monty Python routine where a doctor asks a patient to go on holiday with him. The way it’s said in MST mimics the Python routine.


Synchronicity! Thanks… so either way, I learned the actual source of the riff today, a mere two days after he asked me, he asked me… (more roundabout than I expected, but it happened.) I’ll pass it along. Have a great day.