Nature photography: show us your best pics

There are some beautiful pictures in this thread. I really wish I had the eye for composition that a lot of you show.

I happened to look outside after a large storm passed through here yesterday and saw a rainbow disappearing into the edge of the storm cloud, and a lovely blue sky right next to it. I wish I had played around with time lapse photography to see that cloud in motion.


Went for a walk to check out the colors. A little yellow here and there, but mostly green still.


Here are a few, I’ve got a lot, they’re all over the place.


Sunrise in Central NY

Surf at Pemaquid Point, ME.

Tiny DAV flyfishing the East Branch of the Delaware River in the Catskills.

More tiny fisherfolk in a tiny boat, same place.

Monhegan Island, ME

One of a thousand rocky beaches, ME

Monhegan Island surf, ME

Nazgul nearby, get off the road!

One of my neighbors.

Another neighbor.


Coastal Sonoma County, 2004


Some more.

My local trout stream in winter.

Same trout stream, autumn.

Bebe raccoon snoot.

Tubby brown trout stuffed with mayflies.

Missouri River, Montana

Trillium, red variant

Streamside iris

My back yard after a storm.

A friend I made while fishing. He wasn’t as happy about meeting me, clearly.

Pemaquid Point, Maine

Gote snoot

Another local brown trout. Him name Spot.

I get lots of shots of cool shiz while fishing.

Catskills again.


Not exactly in nature, but it’s plants!

I learned that philodendrons will release water if they have too much and the little droplets come out of the ends of the leaves and I think it’s actually quite pretty.


Oh, and I went for a walk one morning with lots of fog and it gave a beautiful touch to the rising sun.


A few shots of Durdle Door in Dorset from a few years ago.


I love seeing the pics from other parts of the world! Also I love seeing the pics from here :smile:


I agree Pearls_Mint, I’m glad I found this thread. I’m so happy that I don’t have a fear of flying and can visit other countries. Even though technology has brought the whole world much closer, seeing the Irish countryside and the green (and I mean green) pastures is something to behold. It’s hard to explain experiencing something you can’t put into words… like Jodi Foster said in the movie Contact, “They should have sent a poet.”.

As I get older I’m appreciating all the beauty the world has to offer and hope I can travel to more places around the world. For now, I’m currently enjoying Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. He has that excited, youthful exuberance seeing and tasting things. Fun show.

Well, I’m meandering to different topics so I’ll close up this post for now.

Please, more pictures.


You want more? I’ll give you more! :smiling_imp: Here are a few a little closer to home.

Sunset over the Wisconsin River:

At the Dells of the Eau Claire (not those Dells, not near Eau Claire :woman_shrugging:t3:):

It’s very flat around here, so I appreciate people’s pictures of mountains. Here’s one from our “mountain”:

It can’t be that flat. Yes, yes it can:


That last one reminds me of a good version of the old Commodore 64 game “Test Drive” from way back:


Oh man, Now THAT brings back some memories!


Well I was away for a week. But I’m back in time for Things to Come. While I was away I DID take pictures. So here are the first looks at a few I did.

Yup, back on Martha’s Vineyard. This here’s Menemsha.

This is a nice view of Vineyard Sound. Bit of a hike to get this view, but totally worth it.

Some jetties at Menemsha.

This is Vineyard Haven on the other side of the island. This shack has been there forever, so I have no idea who maintains it.

And finally, a sunset shot taken back down in Chilmark. These were taken just as I was leaving the island.


I didn’t even know of Martha’s Vineyard until JFK Jr. died trying to get there; beforehand, I thought it was a vineyard run by Martha Stewart. NOW, I want to go, TAKE ME WITH YOU! :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, as a visual artist interested in IP law, I love that you watermark your photos. :heart:


Closeup time! Today’s theme is: red plants

A madrone tree, native to the west coast. The distinctive peeling bark is its natural state.

I don’t know what this is but I took it at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

a broad leaf growing in a spiral. The center of the leaf is very pale green and the outer edges are a dark purplish red

I don’t know what this is called either but it’s from the SF Conservatory of Flowers:


Ooo that’s going in the writing file. :smiley: It’s always fun to use real plants and animals in sci-fi.

I had a manchineel tree play a significant role in a story. People were surprised to find out it was a real plant.


I have a madrone on each side of the driveway. The morning sun makes the peeling bark glow when seen from behind.


That’s a Rex Begonia, beautiful example, quite possibly of the Escargot varietals. Almost a Mandelbrot pattern inside the spiral leaf.


On the subject of Botanical Gardens, these are from the Ginter’s annual Butterfly Garden. These are not native species, they are reared and kept in the hothouse along with the orchids and tropicals.