Night of Horror, Night of Delight

Hello, Here at The Fiesta 13, we’all are making trailer reels for every month from 1930-2000 and pair them with movies not on streaming, but on YouTube.

We’all found a very bad movie we haven’t seen yet: Night of Horror from January 1981. And we own every MST3k, Rifftrax and related riffs (Seen ‘em at least twice), roughly 1,200 movies and separate shorts. They are part of the movie guide we’re working on. You can get it free at our website.

But enjoy a full cheesy night of trailers, shorts, etc. from January 1981 and the very bad Night of Horror.

Find more trailer reels for many movies in the playlist section of our Youtube channel.

We’ve made hundreds. They sort chronological if you sort them alphabetically.

YouTube: @thefiesta1386

We’all will post more cheesy movie nights.

Shots & Salutations,

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