Phishing Scammers

Good to know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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お支払い方法の情報を更新してください。Update default card for your membership.

  マイストア 	|	タイムセール 	|	ギフト券


  1. アカウントサービスからAmazonプライム会員情報を管理するにアクセスします。

  2. Amazonプライムに登録したのアカウントを使用してサインインします。

  3. 左側に表示されている「現在の支払方法」の下にある「支払方法を変更する」のリンクをクリックします。

  4. 有効期限の更新または新しいクレジットカード情報を入力してください。

Amazonプライムを継続してご利用いただくために、会費のお支払いにご指定いただいたクレジットカードが使用できない場合は、アカウントに登録されている別 のクレジットカードに会費を請求させて頂きます。会費の請求が出来ない場合は、お客様のAmazonプライム会員資格は失効し、特典をご利用できなくなります。カスタマーサービス



Please update your payment method information. Update default card for your membership.

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Thank you for using Amazon Prime. Your Amazon Prime membership will be renewed on 08/13/2022. After checking, you do not have a valid credit card on your account that can be used to pay the membership fee. Please follow the steps below to update your credit card information or add a new credit card.

  1. Access Manage Amazon Prime membership information from Account Services.

  2. Sign in using the account registered with Amazon Prime.

  3. Click the “Change Payment Method” link under “Current Payment Method” on the left.

  4. Update the expiration date or enter new credit card information.

In order to continue using Amazon Prime, if the credit card specified for payment of the membership fee cannot be used, the membership fee will be charged to another credit card registered in the account. If you are unable to claim the membership fee, your Amazon Prime membership will expire and you will not be able to use the benefits. Customer Service

Update your payment method information

Man I’m so glad they told me I had an Amazon Prime account in Japan :laughing:

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Huh, the threat of shutting down my Prime account really loses its oomph when it’s in Japanese.

On a serious note, the wording is very close to Amazon’s actual emails for an expired card.


Dear Friend,

I have confidential matter to discuss with you about my deceased customer who died in car accident and his unclaimed funds in his bank.
I wonder if he’s your relative?

Yours Sincerely
Mr Patrick Gregory

Maybe it’s one of your scam relatives @$$hat :roll_eyes:

Good day my dear,how are you?

You been compensated with sum of 5.1 million dollars in united nation the payment will be issue into atm visa card and send to you from the santander bank we need you address and you Whatsapp number


L.S Chantal

How about I give you my Whatsnot number instead :unamused:

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You apparently get all of the entertaining scams. :rofl: No one has offered to send me money from a dead relative, government agency, or defunct bank in weeks now!

“Good afternoon, darling. I am Mr. Buckminster Bambam, chief lawyer for Mr. Elon Musk who has designated you his sole heir because he enjoyed the manner in which your jib was cut. Following Mr. Musk’s death I am authorized to forward you the sum total of 550000000000000000000000 (ie fifty bajillion) dollars, keeping thirty percent for myself because I am a lawyer. To confirm your identity please send me a recent pay stub or utility bill…”

“Hey, wait a minute… Elon Musk isn’t dead!”

“Cripes, he’s onto us. ABORT… ABORT…”

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Cincinnati, Ohio USA

We have been informed by Authorities to have your (FUNDS) released processing completed and you the rightful beneficiary to claim it otherwise funds will be declared non-serviceable by bank and consequently, it’s confiscation.

The time frame very short and technically, bank transfer is fastest means of getting this done, so we reverted to status quo.

Mandate has been issued to commission namely UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS REUNITED, USA here in UNITED STATES to effect this payment to you using it traditional banking procedure, VIA WIRE TRANSFER and you to contact Executive director of U.S BANK for release of funds to be transferred in to you nominated bank account, and here is contact information below.

Name: Andrew Cencere
contact Email :no_mouth:

If you receiving this notification for first Award Funds which in your name, can only be paid upon receipt of you beneficiary identification security transfer CODE which is (C6HFJJMP01) for clearance of funds. Send it immediately to us for instant accreditation of you proceeds into you account as listed below.

  1. Your full name:
  2. Phone, mobile:
  3. Address :
  4. Profession:
  5. Age:
  6. Marital status:
  7. Copy of your any valid ID card
  8. Bank account route and account numbers

Ensure you contact Andrew Cencere with all you Full contact details regarding you Funds and get back to us for more information.


Garry Fisher
Re-United Asset Manager

I dunno… Mr Cencere doesn’t seem very sincere to me :unamused:

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He’s sincere, but without the sin! (smiles, teeth glint)

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