Random ridiculous BUT real questions

All right I have a good one.

Yes, it’s sportsball related, but it’s more a cultural question.

So, you know, nobody likes the Yankees outside of a fair bit of NYC, Mets fans excepted, rare as they might be.

Why is that today, and every Sunday, I suppose, that the Patriots play, there’s a large boisterous crowd rooting for those effers?

AFAICT, same deal: they got outsized money out the wazzoo to buy all the best players and whatever, just like the Yankees.

I live in a West Coast “city,” but these can’t all be transplants. I hear some NJ/NY accents and I guess I still have a bit of one just from spending years 18 to about 30 or so in the region, although I’m just a hick from Beavercreek.

I would have expected people to be behind the NY Jets if anything. But there are some RedSox fans here as well, I guess due to … I don’t know what.

Whence the allegiance?


There’s got to be an answer.

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Just found this thread.

To the cheese question. Yes, all good cheese should be served at room temp. I let our cheeses sit on a counter for at least an hour before serving. And never store cheese in plastic wrap. Use parchment paper.

As to the East Coast teams, I have no idea. I do know going to a Rockies baseball game this past summer there were as many, if not more, Cubs fans in the stands as Rockies fans. And that’s in Denver!


I know that team!

They come from where some beer is made!

Beautiful. Something about the cellophane wrap disturbs me. I only buy smaller chunks at one time, and leave any remains unwrapped, if any remains there are.

But, yes, TY for reminding me about parchment paper. I don’t cook a lot lately, but it is a fantastic product.

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Here’s a stupid, ridiculous question, but real.

So, say you work with a woman more than twenty years your junior whose name happens to be “Sophie.” And say you happen to be a near-native speaker of French and native speaker of cradle-style French as a little child.

In a bar, or

No…never mind…too young. But she’s smart, or seems so, and really nice to me. Until I brought out the Gilligan’s Island references to another work friend next to her and used my own filthy vocabulary…never mind…

But, to turn it around, c’mon, “Sophie”! I don’t associate the name with any other ethnicity, except in its many variations.

What else?

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By that reasoning, Indiana Jones ought to be able to take on all comers up to — and possibly including — Tennessee Williams.

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Well, yeah, “Indiana” was the name of the dog.


Hence “Indiana“ is a nickname for Henry, Jr., and thus qualifies per your own logic.


Logic is a pretty flower that smells bad.

I’m just repeating some homespun wisdom. I did not, in fact, spin it. Frankly? I never even tested it. My grandpappy was a pool sharp and he was not nicknamed after a state.


:fire: :grey_question:
Do death metal vocalists worry about forgetting the lyrics?




How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

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Let’s ask Mr. Owl.

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But Mr. Owl keeps biting!

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Why is a legal pad yellow and longer than regular (illegal?) paper? I went to law school for four years, graduated with honors, and passed the bar exam, and I still don’t know!

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You have to read the fine print.

My immediate guess is that legal pads were designed for a separate use case than the usual (college ruled) paper. Presumably lawyers need to take more comprehensive notes than students.

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Why has YoWLZ the cat never ever been fed, like, ever, in his entire life, you monsters? ARE YOU TRYING TO STARVE YOWLZZ?