Rifftrax Friends trial

I didn’t really pay attention when the backer reward emails were going out, and I never signed up for the free month of Rifftrax Friends. I’d like to use that reward now, if possible. Does anyone know if its still available or where to find it?


i dont know but my code never worked. You can find it on backerkit under digital download section.

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Oh nice. Thank you. I thought that was it, but “Recover your survey” was not what I was expecting to see.

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For posterity, go to https://makemoremst3k.backerkit.com/ and enter your Kickstarter email. You will be emailed a link containing your original Kickstarter reward codes.


When I used the RT code, I put it in, clicked the button but the page would just refresh and nothing else would happen. Tried several times during the year and same thing each time. I watch the RT channel on Pluto TV so I dont think I am really missing much.

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I saw that. If you read the list of bullet points on that page above that field, it says:

  • If you have NEVER subscribed to Friends before, enter the code when you subscribe through the Friends page here.

I did that, and it worked. I still had to enter my credit card info, and it gave me no indication that the promo code would work. But I figured one month of subscribing to Rifftrax was an okay risk to take. :slight_smile:


If you have any trouble with getting your code to work, @RiffTraxErik can assist you if you email help@rifftrax.com. I don’t know if there are any limits on when the Friends code is valid, but I’m confident the customer service team at Rifftrax will sort you out in short order.