Season 13 DVDs for purchase?

I got a season 13 box set with my rewards, but another online fan wanted to watch season 13 without a smart TV. I went to look, and couldn’t find a physical merch store on or Nor were there season 13 DVDs available from Shout Factory. Is there a place to buy a physical copy of season 13?

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I know in the past there’s always been a period of exclusivity before the sets would show up on the Shout store, so it may be a matter of time. I know the new set has the Shout Factory branding on it, so that’s promising.


They have all been deleted from the Gizmoplex because of a tax write-off. They’ll never be seen again.

Season 11’s retail release happened about 6 months after backers got their discs, and about a year after they were added to Netflix. I’d assume we’d probably see a retail release around spring next year.

In case anyone needs it, it just dropped:


Feast your eyes…


Region-limited and only available in the USA & Canada, though.

Thankfully, I have my saved and tagged downloads, as well as streaming access to S13 on the Gizmoplex.

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I wonder what took so long, it seemed like a longer wait for this one vs. the sets for 11 and 12.