Should I create a new account?

I just got the newsletter about session 14. This is exciting news! I backed season 12 and 13, and I am definitely backing season 14. This has been missing from my life and I can’t wait! :heart::film_projector:

When I tried to log into the new website it asked me to create an account. I was expecting it to use my existing mst3k account. Just wanted to make sure there won’t be any problems when I create a new account and back the project. Will it be able to connect my backer account to my mst3k account?


The new crowdfunding page is run through a crowdfunding platform like kickstarter. As such, signing up would be more like signing up for kickstarter than simply logging into MST3K.

it sounds like you can pledge without signing up (based on comments in the main thread), but if you do, your best bet is to use the same email youd use for the current site. It won’t be an issue if you don’t, but it’ll help keep things straightforward when handling pledges.


That’s awesome! I was in fact able to pledge without creating an account. Yes! I’m so stupidly excited for this! :heart::full_moon::film_projector:

I love Moon movies!