SOLVED: Having backed the Kickstarter, unable to access S13 episode 1 without paying extra money.

I backed the Kickstarter at the “EXPERIMENT 150: THE POSTER” level, which includes various rewards including event/vault pick passes and the ability to download Season 13 episodes. Now that the first episode of Season 13 is out I’m attempting to access it on the Gizmoplex but it only gives me the option to buy the episode. As far as I can determine, the site doesn’t believe I should have access to the episode. Clicking on the episode on the main landing page leads me to a “buy” link, it’s not shown in my library, and I can’t find any other way to access it.



Welcome to the forum! Let’s troubleshoot … have you claimed/redeemed your codes for digital content yet? Go here if not, login/pass are the same as Kickstarter.


I had claimed a code and (erroneously) assumed that claimed all of my rewards. It appears I have to go claim them individually. Thanks for pointing me towards them, I appear to have access now.