SOLVED: I can't find the Vault Picks on the Gizmoplex site

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I cannot find the Vault Picks anywhere on the site.

In the Virtual Theater Vault Picks are prominently displayed on the marquee and then again in the lobby (BTW it would be a nice feature if you could click on the icons to go directly to the movie). But on the Gizmoplex site, I don’t see any mention of Vault Picks

Not sure if this is a bug or operating as intended. Has this been covered already and I missed it?


Vault picks are now located in your Gizmoplex Pass.>My Videos>Gizmoplex pass


Are you logged in? After you log in, go to “My Videos” and click on your Gizmoplex pass.

That will take you back to the main page with all of the current season episodes now present. The Vault picks will be there as well. This month’s picks are purple.

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Ah Ok, I found them thanks!

Still seems odd that they aren’t featured somewhere on the main page though.


I’m pretty sure that’s a limitation of the VHX engine underneath the covers.