SOLVED: Roku app missing pretty much everything

Only my shorts are there - no deluxe package, no vault pass, no events pass.

I’d really rather watch the live streams directly on the app, but everything’s missing now.


Check this thread for ideas


Thanks, that helped.

For anyone else happening to see this, you have to scroll down after a big blank space.

Formatting issues, whodathunk?


I had a similar issue. Just had to press “down” a couple of times. I’m sure they’ll put this on what must be a long “to do” list. This must be a huge learning experience for the Brains.

It wasn’t that way before, I’m wondering what changed.

I lost absolutely everything in my Roku app so we had to watch today’s live stream through a computer. This time we noticed the sound issues people were reporting before (movie was much quieter than the bots and Jonah), but hadn’t experienced them when using the Roku app on the previous two live streams. Not sure if that helps with the research. :grin:

I was gonna complain about that too, had to play it on my computer and cast it to my chromecast. But, after reading this, just went to the library, clicked down twice and BOOM I’M A DOOFUS! There’s everything!

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Same!! Watching some newly purchased murch. on the Roku app right now. :grin: Thanks everyone for the help!