SPOILER DISCUSSION: Episode 1307, Gamera Vs. Jiger

After all the buildup about how painful the extra length may be, it was unnoticeable to this viewer. Even the most obvious bit of movie padding was turned into an epic musical number from the MST3k crew. I did notice the jokes seemed a lot darker than usual, which may be due to the writers’ resentment, but since I like dark jokes, it was a great riffing, though I never thought I’d see the day where Irreversible is used as a joke for a Gamera film. Overall a silly movie that kept on giving, and a top-notch final host segment.


On the MST3K Gamera featurette, some of the writers talked about how dark their jokes were for the original Gamera film, and they tried to tone it down for later films in the series. I guess giant meat-filled turtles brings out the darkness in everyone.


I’m a very squeamish person, I can barely stand the sight of fake movie gore let alone real moments (like papercuts), so while I’m happy no editing allowed scenes like Gamera’s Lament to happen, I’m rather thankful I serendipitously happened to be over on a different tab during the premiere of the X-ray scene, I completely missed the visuals.

Unfortunately that’s made me not re-watch the episode since out of fear of accidentally witnessing that real grossness.

So, for my downloaded copy, I scrubbed through with 0% opacity till I heard the moment, and cut it out. Linked below an excerpt of how I re-edited that scene, and how I’ll continue to watch the episode, as it should have been (thanks but no thanks rights holders, ugh.)


I totally get that. Good job putting in the edit work.

But I can’t help but think that now we’re just all avoiding talking about the elephant in the room.


So, the original fidget spinner, Gamera is back.

I do love a giant turtle movie. Actually, it was the episode of the first movie that got me into Gamera in the first place. So this has some nostalgic feels for me.

This is not the best Gamera film, but not the worst either. The issue is more to do with pacing and repeating plots from previous films. I have to admit that, although I am not normally squeamish, I went and looked at something else during the elephant bit. But it works overall, and the fights are shown to be actually challenging for our turtle friend.

Ahh, Cornjob. The fun parts of this one are the characters. I have to admit, the Kenny this time is not nearly as annoying as some others. And I loved the return of Col Sanders-san. But the best of the bunch was highlighted by the riffs.

Look. No one will ever be as…anything as the original Kenny. He who is the bringer of unholy destruction. But the riffs that Jonah and the Bots bring for Susan, the Tartan Terror, are simply delightful. "The blood fills me with delight.”

Overall the riffs were a bit slower this time out. Since they were required to show the whole movie, unedited, that makes sense. But they make it work. The struggle clearly shows at times, but they did work that into the jokes as a kind of hung lantern. Also, the “Turtles do Everything Slow” song really worked for me. I know they had to pad it out, but Gamera really does give off a show-tune-solo vibe during that scene.

So a bit weak, but Turtle-based fun overall. And the Jiger Irish wake song, while not the best of the season, put a smile on my face. So good on y’all.

“My test subjects are nice, but they’re not Mike.” :sweat_smile:
I see what you did there.


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