The Best of Bridget

  • Helen (Gamera vs Zigra)
  • Amazon Mom (Hercules)
  • Nuveena (12 to the Moon)
  • Lisa Loeb (Racket Girls)
  • Bridget of Deep 12 (The Sword and the Dragon)
  • Shelly (The Beast of Yucca Flats)
  • Mr. B Natural (Blood Beast)
  • Carla (voice) (The Brute Man)
  • Adrienne Barbeau (The Thing That Couldn’t Die)
  • Shapeshifting Lydia the witch (The Undead)
  • Darlene, a space child (season 8 skits)
  • Flavia (Roman times arc)

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Vote (up to 3), discuss, post video or pictures for your favorite MST3K characters as played by Bridget Nelson


Livia, Mr B and Flavia are the immediate big 3 that pop into mind.

But the bit as the shapeshifting Witch was a hilarious, and Adrienne Barbeau was a hoot, as was ‘out of synch’ Helen (“Gamera is… my boyfriend”), the space children were funny too… makes it tough to pick 3.


Well darn, I thought I’d expand the votes to get us some wild cards, but damn system won’t let me do that. We are stuck with 3. I voted for my top 2 then made the 3rd a wild card (not one of the traditional top 3)


Wow, I thought Lisa Loeb was going to be shunned, but in fact she is doing quite well. Bridget really threw herself into that one, and it just has this gonzo air to it…


Yeah, she’s good in that one.

nice to see the votes spread out a bit, I feared a 3-way tie, but nope


She was delightful as Flavia! One of the best aspects of the Roman Times arc.

You can really see the great chemistry she had with Mary Jo there as well!


She’s always fun. And her name is spelled like mine is. I voted for Flavia, Lisa Loeb, and Deep 13 neighbor.


My only regret about the show breaking away from Roman Times as part of the promised “endless chase” was that Bridget as Flavia was such a fun foil to Mary Jo’s Pearl.

It’s short but sweet, but her role as the Amazonian mom (again, with Mary Jo) was a hoot as well!


I wanted to pick 4 or 5, but it wouldn’t let me, alas.

However, I can’t believe no one picked Shelly!


I can’t believe there aren’t more votes for Nuveena. Surely this was Bridgit’s finest performance in Mst! She turned the bots in to appliances!


I’ve always wanted to see a Lisa Loeb/Morrisey collaboration from Bridget and Mike.


It’s her interpretive dance that sells it for me.


Just watched this, and it still cracks me up, the combination of Bridget and the guy’s reactions…


I am also surprised this isn’t the winner, or at least top two with Flavia. The dancing, the singing like the woman in the short. I love when she first pulls Mike in to dance and he almost breaks because he’s just happy to be dancing with his wife.

This one is underrated for sure. Love it, top three for me, just edging out Amazon Mom.

I just can’t enjoy the Lisa Loeb bits, because they’re super mean-spirited to the singer for no real reason. Mike’s Morrissey is obviously done with a little bit of affection, but this and the Crash Test Dummies one just feel weird. I remember when “Stay” was a hit song and I was just as sick of it as anyone, but making fun of her specifically as a clingy emotionally-regressed girl-woman this way doesn’t work for me. It’s not Bridget Jones’ or anyone’s fault individually; making 24 2 hour shows in a year is insane, and sometimes you’re just going to mock something bugging you in a less-than-elegant way - so no judgement of the team. It’s just not enjoyable to me, as talented as Bridget Jones is playing her (and everyone else at reacting in a humorous way).