The Bridget and Mary Jo Appreciation Thread

Lets talk about the dream team and their Rifftrax Presents releases

So they just posted a new feature, and it’s another hoot and a half. Several recognizable faces in the cast, including the doughy guy from Teen-Age Crime Wave.



I really enjoy their Sherlock Holmes releases, with Dressed to Kill my favorite.

The recent Mary Higgins Clark ones are funny as well. And I hope they do more of those (they seem to like series, Holmes, “The Teenagers”, The “…Of The Bride” movies)


I suggested more Sherlock Holmes movies on the Rifftrax site, and they delivered. I’d love it if they did more, but I understand they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, shot of heroine, or impromptu violin concert.


Who could possibly not enjoy a cup of funny tea?


Those ladies are really really talented, and I love their dynamic. Deadly Instinct is one of my favorite riffs ever. "I totally believe Kevin when he says he cuts up every time he produces their work. That one is just an amazing job, and they and Molly wrote a great script!



I say never underestimate the human ability to reject humor. I run into those sorts of people all too often. It is very difficult for me, since I don’t take myself too seriously and I like to joke around.

Of course, there is no accounting for taste, but anyone who doesn’t love a good riff is simply wrong. That is ok, we are all wrong sometimes. Just usually not about Mary Jo. She is a goddess among comedians!


And they earned my respect for doing Wonder Woman '84.

With all this talk about editing movies, and how tough it is to riff on certain scenes, etc… These women riffed and co-wrote jokes for a 2 and a half hour trash heap of a flick, and it was hilarious from start to finish. And they never lost their enthusiasm - darn movie must have been a chore, but they nailed it.


Great thread, I love Bridget & Mary Jo’s riffs. They are the releases I consistently buy from Rifftrax. The Sherlock Holmes releases are treasures, and they make even The Teen-Agers bearable. I’m digging the Mary Higgins Clark films too, with Before I Say Goodbye being particularly funny.

One my favorite releases of theirs remains The Amazing Mr. X. It’s a drawing room suspense-thriller of similar mode as The Screaming Skull. And the riffs are golden.


It’s difficult to pick anything of Bridget & Mary Jo’s to recommend—they’re all winners. I’ll go with what I watched last: She-Demons. You got your live TV coverage of people the newsman says can’t be found, you got your Gene “I’m Not Merritt Stone” Roth, you got your powder blue cashmere shorty (or the lack thereof), you got your ancillary character who may or may not have had a bad experience with lava at a cocktail party, you got your shock reveal that comes out of nowhere and returns there just as quickly … what more could you want?


I absolutely adore their Sherlock Holmes riffs. I think they’re so much fun. I wasn’t sure at first and I bought one and then loved it so much that I bought the others. (Sidenote: I love Bridget’s riff with Matthew on the German Sherlock Holmes, too.)

I haven’t tried the Mary Higgins Clark movies but I’ve been wanting to watch them.


The real Gauntlet would be these two riffing on some war movies or “Shake Hands With Danger” sequels. (We’ve seen the fellas riff on lots of supposedly girly things, after all.)

There’s always one troll on YouTube who has to whine that “they’re just not funny” in every thread. In fact, I think it’s literally always the same troll because the names change but the lazy naysaying is always the same. They get like this because Mom snaps at them to please just empty the dishwasher for once and they have to take it out on someone.

The Holmes movies are good, yeah. Cat Women Of The Moon is my gem of the hour, though.

I don’t, however, concur with them that Sarah is a snob. Nor that anyone should just let a dude drag them by the arm onto a dance floor. (Who’d that guy think he was? John Agar? :wink: )


Curious to see how this goes. I’ve seen it unriffed and thought it was good considering its low budget and the heavy hand of Hayes making it impossible for certain obvious story elements to just be in the open.


I saw and enjoyed The Amazing Mr. X years before they riffed on it, I believe it was the first Turhan Bey movie I’d seen, and I thought he was really good. But it also wound up a top-notch 'trax.

As an aside, movie-wise, whenever I think of Mr X, Roberto Gavaldón’s excellent In The Palm of Your Hand springs to mind - they would make for a good Halloween double feature.


Just watched this one, it’s a winner. I know I’ve seen the smarmy guy elsewhere as well. And the Ed Wood dialogue is so easy to spot. It has that tendentious moralising and tortured syntax that screams Wood. And what a bugbear he had about the sins of youth being completely the fault of parents and society. Not entirely inaccurate, but he ramps it up to Greek Tragedy proportions.


Another favorite that I don’t remember anyone mentioning often: 1935’s She. Nigel Bruce, Randolph Scott (Randolph Scott!), not one but TWO big choreographed dance scenes … it’s colorized, but is otherwise a pretty decent print. Nagodah.


Good timing on this thread, as I decided to pick up ‘Married Too Young’ for tonight’s viewing - now I’m really looking forward to it.


Another fan of Nuveena’n’Pearl here. Their Christmas shorts collections get regular airings. RiffTrax recently uploaded Cat-Women of the Moon to their YouTube channel, which is useful for spreading the word at no cost.


Yeah, Anthony Dexter was an MST semi-regular (Fire Maidens, 12 to the Moon, Phantom Planet). He also played Valentino in a movie, looks a bit like him. It was also Marianna Hill feature film debut (she was in CTs Astral Factor)

She is a good one, I’d put it up there with Dressed To Kill as one of my toppermost from the ladies.


I love some of their shorts, too. ‘Oh, Boy, Babies!’ has that earnest incompetence we MSTies love.

And I can never figure out where to stop when watching the ‘Farm Family’ series.

Paul from ‘Cry Wilderness’ is in ‘Harry the Dirty Dog.’

There’s one more ‘. . .Of the Bride’ movies they haven’t done (the first one!) that I’m holding my breath they’ll get to soon.

I do have one question, why, whenever they see Richard Carlson, they’ll shout ‘Hollywood actor Richard Carlson!’. Aren’t most of the actors they see ‘Hollywood actors?’


It’s like TVs Frank, just something talk show hosts, or MCs would do - introducing an act by adding an appellation. I think the fact that it’s not really needed, is why they find humor in it.

I like the shorts as well, and am going through them again, and gathering them up in list form with notes, just to help me keep them straight in my mind. These were a few I liked…

Girls Are Better Than Ever
B&MJ hit the bullseye here - finding, and even creating the absurd in scenes - taking issue with the (male) narrator’s condescending attitude. . . and taking that attitude and expanding it to ridiculous levels (“This girl ate a coney dog; now she’s blind.”)

The Maturing Woman
This was comedy dynamite, and it’s really just Bridg and MJ being Bridg and MJ… which is most hilariously evident when they riff on themselves. Man, that was funny and wonderfully real.

How To Be a Friend
Mom folk singer pipping in after each friendship lesson was hilarious, and the quips that accompany the tune (and the short in general) were a riot.

But I could go on and on naming them, as there are so many jewels in that crown.