The Las Vegas Thread!

So who here has been to Las Vegas, Nevada aka Sin City?

I was there back in 2000 and 2001 during the mega-resort days. I stayed downtown at the Union Plaza Hotel by Fremont Street but visited the Strip. There’s a chance I may visit next year and from what I understand, the city has changed in the past 20 years.

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My first trip to Vegas was when I lived in 29 Palms. Few hours drive, stayed the day, drove home. My second time to Vegas was at at EverQuest Fan Faire. I stayed at Excalibur. I played Black Jack. Managed to win enough to pay for my hotel for the weekend and walk home with the $100 I started with! :purple_heart: :star_struck:


Going there in a couple weeks for a hot date. Staying at the NYNY. I’ve been there a couple times before though. I’ve stayed at Ceaser’s Palace, Flamigo, and Excalibur. Fun times! Wish it didn’t smell so much like smoke everywhere though. Blech.

FYI … the best buffet is definitely the Ceaser’s Palace Bacchanal. It is a step up in quality from the standard buffets. There’s better places to eat of course, but not a better all you can eat buffet.

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I’ve been twice, only The Strip, in the 2000s as well. I absolutely hated it. I don’t like to gamble anyway, so that didn’t help, but it reeked of cigarettes everywhere and most of the people were drunk.

I’m not planning on going back.

That said, apparently the town proper has some very nice bookstores.

I am generally opposed to magic conventions and have always had negative interest in going to Las Vegas, but… next year there’s a convention that actually looks really good and it’s way off the strip so I’ve registered for it. Still need to book a flight and hotel, but it looks like it’s going to be a thing. So, yeah. I may report back next March how it went.

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I visited Vegas in the 90s, when you could still enjoy $5 buffets, $1 Blackjack, and $2 steak and eggs for breakfast. As a poor college student, I had fun, had plenty of alcohol, and didn’t go broke or starve (I think my budget for a whole week was only $300 on top of my travel and lodging). I can’t afford to have the same amount of fun today, even though I have a very successful career now (would probably need over $10k for that).

At the time, The Riviera Casino had penny slots and $0.50 hot dogs if you were really down on your luck. Free drinks were served in very tiny glasses, of course.


I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip there. Never been before.

I’m staying at the Park MGM because they’re the only one that’s supposed to be smoke free.


Oh lord. My parents lived in North Las Vegas for several years, so I never need to go to Vegas again. But I do love a good buffet. And by “good” I mean “as large as possible”.

Two trips there stand out, one NYE trip with all my college buddies back in my 20’s. The less said about that one the better. The other is a trip my (eventual) husband and I took there to see Tom Jones, would have been in the mid 1990s. I love Tom Jones :hugs: And yes women were throwing panties. That’s a thing. Not me, I was too far away.

You need a panty gun. Or maybe that’s called a Bloomer Boomer.


I went once, randomly in the middle of a week, back in 2011.

Vegas was both exactly what I expected and nothing like what I imagined.

Had some fantastic food (Nobu’s green tea ice cream, yo!), played some nickel slots (won $20 at New York, New York and cashed straight out!), and brought back about 4 or 5 casino used card decks.

No real pull to go back there, really though. I would if someone else wanted to go, but I’d rather spend the week in NYC.

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I flew in and out of Vegas to attend a driving school once?

Had a great time, got to meet Terry Goodkind (The Sword of Truth series) … seemed like a nice guy. The Radical he had was an amazing car.

Besides that? No.

I’d like to see Penn and Teller live some time though?

What irks me now is apparently there isn’t free parking anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: Used to be if you stayed at a hotel there you would get to park in the lot for the hotel free of charge. I guess they stopped doing that a couple years ago. Boo. When a person comes to you place you really should be comping the freaking parking guys. Double boo!

They do a little bit of touring each year. Watch here for upcoming dates.

As for me? I want Mac King to bring his show out of Vegas so I can see him.

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Nicolas Cage 90S GIF

<gag>Sorry, I’m still stuck making the drive from Tucson. This stupid bus has a busted wheel or something and can’t stay on the road straight.</gag>

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I was there once when I was 17 which was in the 90s. Not the experience one would hope for. We stayed in the Luxor, which seemed cool at the time.

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I saw Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo back in 2000.

In 2001, I saw Amazing Jonathan at the Golden Nugget in downtown Vegas. He was a comedy magician but much more crude than Penn & Teller.

Even if you aren’t into gambling, there’s a lot to do in Las Vegas. Should I go back, I am eager to tour the city.

Ahhh, I wish I could have seen the Amazing Johnathan! I thought he was hilarious.

ETA: one of my few regrets in life is that I never made time for the Liberace Museum, and now it’s gone :frowning:

So I went this week but I forgot to take any pictures. I don’t like the heat, and if i ever go back I’ll try to make it in the winter so that I’ll be more inclined to go out and about and see more.
I stayed at the Park MGM and it was very crowded. Lots of crowds and lines for things.
I had some excellent (and quite expensive) meals in their “Eataly” italian bazaar.