The Official Donut Thread!

So how about a thread about a “hole-some” treat known as the donut/doughnut?

I’ll start off. I’m from the New York City area where Dunkin Donuts is king. I’m old enough to remember when donuts were all they had. Nowadays, donuts have taken a backseat to coffee, drinks, breakfast sandwiches and other concoctions.

You can’t beat a good locally owned & operated donut shop. Here in the Fargo, North Dakota metro area, we have Sandy’s Donuts. I used to visit their downtown store but forgot about their first location in West Fargo which is close by me. I went there this morning for a donut.

They have such a variety that it’s hard to decide. But this morning, I went with a limited time offering known as the watermelon donut.

I’m surprised at how good the watermelon donut was!


I have an unprecedented hot streak of never having a donut that I didn’t like.

That being said, blueberry cake donuts are DA KING.


I love donuts and I live a 15 minute walk away from a Tim Hortons. It’s amazing I don’t weigh more


Here in Portland there are a bunch of places that serve “artisan” donuts, things like garlic and cilantro donuts, and they’re all wildly popular with lines out the door.
For one of them, there’s a real donut shop just a couple of blocks away with the best donuts in town, and there are no lines there (at the real donut shop).
I’m convinced that a certain set of people are attracted to a place because they serve weird things more than any taste appeal the product has, and they think it’s trendy or something.


Funny you mention walking. That Sandy’s in West Fargo I mentioned is a two mile walk from my house but I live in a very suburban area and I’m an experience hiker so it’s no issue.

I most likely walked off the calories from that donut by the time I got home. :laughing:


As I get older, I realize, I could not eat donuts and live longer but who would want to?

Favorite donut is too hard to pick, but my top five six are:

  • boston cream
  • blueberry cake
  • raspberry jelly
  • chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
  • lemon filled
  • french twist

’ round here Chuck’s is a favorite ( and they make a miniature jelly filled donut that’s just perfect. But we have lots of good independent donut shops and they’re all good.

Was this thread inspired by National Donut Day?


Considering my avatar, have to mention one of the best episodes, Donut Run. Last episode for Duncan Kane.

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A word to the wise: if you can find a joint that sells a good coconut-based donut creation, GLOM ONTO THAT PLACE FOR ALL IT’S WORTH, because a coconut-based donut is AMAZING.

If you like coconut, of course. Offer not valid for those who dislike coconut.


Gotta shout out my old standby Do-Rite Donuts, in particular the maple bacon, which was especially good with their also tasty coffee.


The wife had to go in for her annual lady x-ray yesterday morning, and she stopped and picked up donuts on the way home.


Hope she gets good news. And yeah, the office should just come with personal support doughnuts as a matter of principle.


low-cal donut.

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High polygon though, which will be rough for the robots among us.


I’m a fan of Delicious, Heavenly, and Helen Bernhards. None of them do the edgy-for-tourists flavors, which is fine with me. That third one seems to be the only place left in town where you can get an applesauce cake donut. Cake donuts were where it was at during my childhood in Joizy. That, and crullers. Both of which seem to be nearly extinct, at least out here.

When Fall returns, I’ll be thinking nostalgically about a hot spiced cider and a cinnamon or butter-crunch cake donut to go on the side… probably ONLY thinking about it though. Damn diabetes. [shakes fist]


I used to live in the same part of town as Helen Bernhards, and somehow I never went there. I’ll have to remedy that.


Oh, and any hockey fans over a certain age will also think of this when they think of donuts…


Just remember that they’re only open “normal” hours most days, and 'til 3PM on Sundays. Don’t be late. There’s always the to-go option if you know that 1AM is your optimum donut time.


Hey. Hey you. C’mere, nerd. You want a Hurts Donut?


I’m a big fan of this midwestern chain, and yes, I’ve taken advantage many times of my B1G1 free donut. Good thing they’re not closer to my house.


Mmm… donuts.

the simpsons donuts GIF

We’ve come a long way in the donut department. We’ve had Krispy Kreme for quite a while now, which prompted everyone else to up their donut game. Now we’ve got Dunkin, which I’ve only ever seen prepackaged in motorway services so far, and even Tim Horton’s. For me, a good Krispy Kreme is still the best chain donut you can get, but I really miss those frosted chocolate cake donuts, which no one seems to make.