THIS FRIDAY, Rifftrax Goes to the Gizmoplex! Submit your questions for the live post-show now! [Instructions in first post]

THIS FRIDAY, March 24, at 8pm ET/5pm PT, worlds collide when RIFFTRAX GOES TO THE GIZMOPLEX!

Join us for a special FREE Rifftrax screening, and stick around for a live discussion with Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, led by newest MST3K host, Emily Marsh!

Do you have questions for this crew during the aftershow? Submit them in the livestream Q+A category and we may answer them during the event!

See y’all on Friday!


Huh. Looks like our favorite 2nd SOL test subject WILL be at the Gizmoplex after all!

Anyways, a question for all of you: could you imagine how Kinga (Dr. Forrester’s daughter) will feel once she finds out there’s another show playing in the Kingadome?


Please submit Q&A questions as individual topics here:

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I will be unable to attend, as I will be in Chicago seeing The Residents. Probably maybe I dunno also being asked to join them on stage if they suddenly want a ukulele solo. Hey it could happen.

Anyway, everybody enjoy the thing. I expect fun posts to return to.


Oooh fun! I saw them on Halloween in San Francisco years (I mean decades) ago. It’s a great show.

Re the Rifftrax show, we don’t know what movie they’re doing yet, do we?


Question for Mike, how does it feel to back to a part of MST3K again after all these years?

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Please see @MichaelRobertson’s post above:

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Wouldn’t it be more practical just to have them reschedule the show so they could join us over here?


That wouldn’t be the Icky Flix show in 2001, would it? I WAS THERE!

I did consider that, but this is a tour that’s been rescheduled every year since the pandemic started, and they seem really keen to actually have it happen this time.


I think it was the Demons Dance Alone tour – that would match up, as I’m pretty certain it was at the Warfield. I missed you by one year!

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Yep! Lookit that!


Well they’ll be in SF again in a month. You can catch me then!


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Sorry if I missed this in the announcement, but do we know if we are getting new RiffTrax content on Friday or if this is something already existing being brought over?

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According to the Gizmoplex ticket, there will be a new short with a previously released feature.


Shirts for all!! :rofl:

I admit I’m a little confused as well. I think it’s something they have already done, but it’s not a riff along where you’re trying to hear three different audio tracks. The short will be new content and then there is a live Q&A


I think I was there, too. House on Haunted Hill, wasn’t it? 2010, because the Giants had a World Series home game.
Oh, wait, that was Rifftrax. Never saw the Residents Live. Sorry.

OK, a question for the Rifftrax guys: do they compare how MST takes on a movie that was from the Rifftrax library, like Ator or Shape of Things to Come? It seems RT prefers to show the whole movie while MST has to cut for time. Thanks

I wondered when we’d be getting a thread for this, very excited! Who wants to guess the movie? My money’s on either Rollergator or A Talking Cat?!

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Lesley, please consider editing the title here. People are confused and they think this is where they should post their questions. I know you have the link to the correct thread for questions in the body of the post, but in their excitement I think folks are overlooking it. Thanks. <3


Question for everyone / anyone! Can you turn off your “internal riffing mechanism” at will and simply watch a movie for personal enjoyment - or has riffing become an involuntary reflex?

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Oh god not A Talking Cat. I mean, Rollergator is the worst movie ever made but at least it’s not A Talking Cat!?!