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Alex Hirsch posted an audio version of some of the censorship notes he got from Disney’s Standards and Practices department when making Gravity Falls and it had me rolling.


“Not S&P Approved” has been approved by S&P.


Seriously, sometimes S&P departments make the absolutely BEST straight men in the business. Given responses like this, you have to wonder if they themselves realize it and lean into it when they can.

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Well this has sent me down quite the rabbit hole Jackalope hole

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All right. I don’t have a meme for this, but when I was clocking out, in the men’s room taking a pi$$, washing my hands and face, three of my lady coworkers came in (it’s separate, men/woman toilets, but very small and tiled walls and floors so there’s a lot of reverb).

One of my gals says to the rest of her crew, “I’ve got some lady water to get rid of!”

Maybe not the funniest thing, but I had to stifle laughing while I was at the sink next door rearranging my medallions.

Lady water?

Pretty funny.

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I gotta be honest with you guys. This new Jurassic World movie looks a lot better than what we got.

Here’s the reason why Chunky Kong hasn’t been in any Donkey Kong games at all.

Doesn’t explain why he hasn’t had a cameo in any of the Luigi’s Mansion games, though. Did Chunky do something that got him permanently blacklisted by Nintendo?

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Forgotten/Abandoned Character Zone. That’s where folks like Chunky, Donkey Kong Jr. (and the rest of the Kongs from older games), Koopa Kids, and Paper Mario characters (before Sticker Star) are once Nintendo doesn’t want anything to do with them. Just my speculation.
OR, maybe it’s because of creative differences.

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But have you considered the dipping areas?


Yoda had a pretty rough lunch break.



Moved to…

Possibly the entirety of the first CD-i Zelda game.

And this little YTP.

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So… many… wipes…

JonTron reads a crappy superhero story about him, and his bird named Jacques who had really good hair.

Credit to Obvious Plant on Twitter:


Scene it hundreds of times and never, not once did it not make me laugh out loud. I think it is the funniest scene ever put on film.

Also, it was called out in a riff in Demon Squad so, there’s that…


Saw this at a record store. Even his book titles are as pretentious as his song titles. Did I mention that he cried?