Ultra marathon complete

With the start of the last Kickstarter campaign, I decided to watch all of the MST3K episodes sequentially from broadcast and satellite days (KTMA-season 10 + the movie). I originally thought I would finish before the start of season 13, but it turns out there area lot of episodes. Anyway, I only just completed it today. Bittersweet seeing the end of season 10 even though I know more episodes would follow.

I did enjoy the call back to the Crawling Eye at the end.


I did something similar a couple of years ago, watching the entire nationally televised series at a rate of one episode per day. It took about six months.


I’m doing a full playthrough as well, but at a much slower pace. I officially started on 9/11/22, and have only gotten through episode 108.


I am always doing a watchthrough of the original series. I’m in season 2 right now. :slight_smile: Just watched Ring of Terror two days ago.


It is a lot of episodes (roughly 200) at 90-120mins.

Also, some of the jokes did not age well. I understand the context of the jokes, but I definitely had some cringe moments. A bit like visiting certain family members. It seemed a bit more prevalent in the later seasons. I don’t know if it was because of the times, differences between what the cast members found funny, or what.


I did my first ever in-order start-to-finish run a couple years back (it was a pandemic project during the lockdowns) and it really was a lot of fun! For me: I started with The Crawling Eye and included The Movie as well.

It was really neat seeing the show evolve episode-by-episode. The “milestone” episodes had a lot more impact one me too.

It’s quite a challenge (watching MST3K pretty much every single day for months), but it was a journey I very much enjoyed. Definitely something I would recommend!

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I definitely enjoyed the story telling with the sequential order. Starting with the KTMA episodes really was a journey seeing them figure out what they were doing on the show. If you have a chance to see either the pilot or Joel when he was guest on SNL also add to that nostalgia.

The time capsule is even more complete if you can catch recordings from television that include the commercials. Normally, I hate watching commercials, but seeing the public access commercials for Pizza and Pasta or the old Comedy Channel bumps with Penn are worth it IMO.

Similarly, sometimes catching the video in all its unmastered glory as either a video capture from cable or a conversion from VHS is a bit fun in a performance art sort of way.


The one point where my own one a day viewing became a struggle was during Season 6. Crime dramas are among my least favorite movie genre that got featured, and Season Six had soooooo many crime dramas. The inclusion of the Coleman Francis Trilogy of Despair did not help.


I started a rewatch of all of the episodes I owned last January, in an attempt to get through them all before the premier of Season 13. It was just over 100 episodes, and I did not quite make it through in time, but only missed by a couple of weeks. Of course, after the Gizmoplex opened up most of the rest of the episodes I was missing, I dove back in for another rewatch, planning to finish before the end of the season, which I did manage to accomplish about a month early. Now I have added 2 more episodes I did not have before, and am itching to start yet another rewatch. I may wait until I round things out with a few more.

If I could get my grubby mitts on those Godzilla episodes, I would start immediately. HBOSkineMaxDiscoveryXL+6G (I think that is going to be the new name) recently added most of the Godzilla films (sans riffing) to their service, so I have been watching those and wishing Joel and the bots could be with me.


I will do a partial rewatch, but never a full rewatch again. I can’t take Hamlet or Catching Trouble, one because it’s just too boring and the other, well just watch it. It’s horrific. I don’t even think they should have done it in the first place.

Most of the rest, maybe all of the rest? Sure. But not those two.

I actually didn’t think Hamlet was that bad. It had the benefit of a good writer at least.


Hamlet is a total snoozer, likely one I will watch late at night, as I am nodding off. Maybe get a third of the way through, and count that as a “rewatch”.

Teenage Caveman is in no way a favorite either, and while the short is pretty terrible on its own, they threw some great riffs at it. Those kind of episodes tend to grab my attention enough to make them interesting, even if it is just to watch the train wreck unfold.

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It might help that a lot of times I watch the episodes while I am knitting.


That’s part of the problem. Much to the chagrin of my father and brother, I’ve never liked Shakespeare.

I do the same while I am painting. I also count it as a “rewatch” if I am doing some light housekeeping in the same room.


I can understand that. When I watched the episode, it didn’t seem as bad as Mike and the bots made it seem like it was going to be. I thought there would be a lot more overacting or bad sets. It looked like a reasonable play production that just didn’t make a good transition to the expectations of film versus live performance.


I tried this about 15-20 years ago when I got bootlegs to nearly complete my collection. There are some real stinker old movies that I kept falling asleep to and I never made it to the end. I’ve been thinking about trying again for the past year but we’ve had so many great events and new episodes I haven’t had the time. I honestly don’t mind a bit of a break until the next season. First I plan to rewatch this season’s final versions in order (without the livestreams).


I’ve done a whole season in order before, but never the whole series. Maybe someday…

My bete noir is always The Creeping Terror. But I can do it if I pretend it’s a Mystery Science Theater Hour thing and ask myself, “What would Jack Perkins do?” IOW, segmentation is the key to, if not happiness, then survival. :wink: Oh, and I guess I’d have to cheat by skipping certain Sci-Fi sketches completely, because I find them more painful than anything in the actual movie. :stuck_out_tongue: