Video game riffing

Anyone else riff over videogames they play? I especially enjoy riffing over Fortnite and Rocket League when I play with my son.

He has taken to taunting the shark in the crater on fortnite, and I always make Jaws jokes, because he demanded after his 9th birthday he could handle watching Jaws- which he really couldn’t.

Nobody is ready for Jaws.

I also like to riff on classic SNES/NES/Sega games we play, too. Donkey Kong Country is ripe for the riffing.


You should hear the stuff I shout at my TV during Donkey Kong Country 2. Or perhaps you shouldn’t… but an entire apartment building did and it’s been kind of legendary


So either you’re very popular with your neighbors or WILDLY unpopular.

Either way, I would enjoy seeing that! (Just not living next to it)


I’ve had some success riffing on Legend of Zelda games and some JRPGS with friends and family. It can be a hoot with the right people. And the right games.


No, but I do read Prophecy Approved Companion, and that’s a lot like riffing an RPG.


Back in the day, Super Mario Kart got a lot of commentary when we were playing. “Press X to get out and push” and “he’s on smoke!” are comments that have stuck and still get trotted out from time to time.

Shenmue is an ideal game for riffing.


Not exactly what you meant and I’m sure his 90s era radness + language puts it in hazy realm of “should I post this”, but the dude actually makes some strong points along the way:

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Heh, riffing on video games is inevitable around here, especially with wonkier, sillier games!

This isn’t quite in line with what you were asking, but one YouTube series I enjoy very much is “Continue?” where these three guys play a video game for a period of time, and at the end of the episode, they each place a vote to decide if they want to “continue” playing the game or give it a “game over”.

Their language is certainly more colorful than anything in the riffing on MST3K, but some episodes are absolutely hilarious.

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Glad I checked and didn’t put up a second topic, but I would love to see some of the Brains riff some games.

Though there was (is?) a video series called “Unskippable” by Loading Ready Run on the web.

AND, if you seek you can probably find the video that had Mike and the Bots riff some playstation games on a pack-in cd-rom of Playstation magazine.

And there’s that Manos game…

And Let’s Plays as a concept definitely run on riiffing…

My point is that’s all I know, and I wish there was more. MORE!!

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I did this with a cheesy FMV game called Noctropolis.

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