Weekly Update: 12/3 - 12/6: Los Angeles production winds to a close

The truncationness is because when the show first aired, part of the image was never likely to be seen on most televisions of the time. Nowadays we get to see everything and it looks like nobody in the last 100 years knew how to frame a shot.


Totally fair, and obviously what we’re getting is far preferable to everyone shooting separate and being composted in. I think a lot of the types that hang out on these forums will be understanding of all that, but I do worry about more casual viewers. To reiterate, I am still very much looking forward to it and always get excited when I get the weekly update emails!


Can you speak to how the creative team feels about the green screen so far? Are they happy with it? Just curious.

Thank you again for the update! Great stuff!


The Jerk Resturant Scene - YouTube backstage video!

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I say this as someone who has NOT yet seen any composites for actual episodes (I’ve seen the Turkey Day stuff same as y’all) and I had the exact same thought.


Post production has barely begun – and while the LA shoot is wrapping up we still have the final block of shooting in Feb – so nobody I’ve talked to has strong vibes one way or the other yet. But I’m sure we’ll talk about this further in a future update when we have more to say.


I can’t believe you guys are complaining about SFX on MST3K!

Are you all from around here?


My focus has always been on the riffing, Host segments could all look like Turkey Day 2020, and as long as we get new experiments I’d be happy.


After I got my main gripe out of the way back in July (or thereabouts) I said I wouldn’t do any more and I’m sticking to that. I’d love to have the 4th wall back, but honestly I’m good with whatever the team produces. Thanks for the info, Lesley & Ivan!


Special Effects are a part of the modern world and one of Joel’s principal concerns in Bringing Back MST3K was modernizing the show. Content-wise and presentation. I think it’s a valid concern even for a homemade low-rent puppet show from the Midwest that the established look of the show over the last few years could change dramatically given what we glimpsed on Turkey Day. I have faith in Joel and everybody else and we’ll have to sit back and wait. Like Lesley said, “Post production has barely begun” and I’m sure it’ll pan out. The Turkey Day Host Segments were distracting though. Time will tell.


Have you seen the costs for Fourth Wall construction these days? It’s so much more expensive now. Not only is Heisenberg Mortar almost impossible to get through the current supply chain woes, but modern fourth walls also need Meta Cladding. Gone are the days of the cheap fourth walls that Suspended Disbelief Inc made.


P.S. “Homemade low-rent puppet show from the Midwest” is affectionately meant. Wasn’t that one of the reasons we loved the show?


They sometimes seems more clueless than Sherriff Alan Hale Jr on the telephone…


We have plenty of fourth wall at home!

Yah, but that’s residential grade. Alternaversal needs to use industrial grade, which is load-bearing.


I’m allergic to raisins, and my tongue got itchy and swelly just looking at that picture HA

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If they were actual raisins, they wouldn’t have felt the need to write “Snails” or “-ette”, right? I think “Raisin” in this context merely means dark and wrinkly. It’s descriptive without giving away the surprise.

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What separates Live Action from Animation isn’t just the animation. Depth and dimension of the visual is also important. The old MST3K and the Netflix production acted lived in and didn’t behave like a video game. While Seasons 11 and 12 played with the line more, the look behaved as real life outside of its fantastic aspects. The 2021 Turkey Day Segments played like Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation. The extent of work and preparation given to that versus Season 13 itself is likely a lot less. Sometimes something is more a throwaway in the scheme of things and the 2021 Turkey Day Host Scenes fall into that. The Season itself I suspect will be refined and finished by comparison.

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Thank you for the heads up Lesley! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more that having performers together in the same space and stage is a quantum leap forward from the alternative and where things initally were planned- at least we will have organic interactions, eyelines and consistent lights and shadows on our side!

And certainly Turkey Day looked better then this:

I know I’ve voiced it elsewhere, so very much appreciate you hearing and validating our feelings and concerns on this front. It’s probably just us obsessive types that are this worried about the look.

I’m sure that everyone’s putting their best foot forward to have things as visually consistent with the other years (whether that’s looking like season 1-10 or 11 + 12).