What are you listening to right now?

Oh, sorry. I wasn’t trying to be teddibly mysterious like The Blue Rajah. This is one of my favorite Tyner compositions off one of his best albums, just covered by some new guys.

The Chris Jazz Club channel is a national treasure. (Philly for the win, again.)

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Wasn’t a complaint!
swings the pocket watch as he walks off, hat brim over one eye

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Worst 2023 bingo ever.


I dunno why this came up on my screen, but yeah, I turned it up. Hell yeah.

Dunno what drugs were used at this Aid, but pretty sure all of them. Mark Knopfler taking a solo on the only tune by ___________________________________________ with the great Billy Preston that rules, and, sure, I’ll allow it!

Yes, I have the Wolf Marshall book of transcriptions (partial transcriptions), and I think all the other books, and, yes, I can easily write out the notes in standard notation if I wanted to.

But, it’s still amazing to me how much mileage Pat gets out of general blues licks. The kind of stuff I copied from Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page thirty years ago.

Not the same as it used to be, that old time religion!

I’ve gone through this mutha of a performance with different colored highlighters and all that, just ordering which licks or lines I want copy, and in which order.

Pat Martino is a bad mutha. Blues? Yeah. He done play that.

Oh, now? Stand back.

Yeah, like the shakers on the fade of the last. But now:

Way back in the good old days, Yoshi’s in Oakland used to have McCoy Tyner booked for an annual two-week residency. Usually the first week was his regular trio and the second week featured “special guest” musician(s). I got to see him a few times in that context and I got to hear him play solo a couple of times in San Francisco. I even saw one of his final performances when SFJazz had a tribute concert for him that featured pianists Geri Allen, Kenny Barron and Chick Corea among others. Hey look, Downbeat even wrote a article about it:

Mr. Tyner had not been performing much at that time due to health issues and he looked pretty old and haggard, but his playing did sound reasonably strong when he performed his one feature number of the evening. Guess which song it was?

This was another song he frequently played whenever I saw him. Always got to me, still does.

Yeah. I miss McCoy Tyner.

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Saw him only once, in the mid-1990s. The Portland Zoo had regular concerts at their outdoor stage area and one year they had Beausoleil, Cassandra Wilson, AND Tyner and I was able to see them all.

I think that at one point while he was playing, some free-roaming peacocks came out to the lawn between the audience and stage to prance and flutter on the grass. I don’t recall if he was playing “The Peacocks” at the time. But wouldn’t it have been amazing if that were so?

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Damn. I never caught McCoy live, but one of the handful of CDs in the car is the digipack of Reaching Fourth. I keep saying to myself after hearing one of his brilliant lines from one of his own albums or one of his ebulliant, verbose, tasty sessions accompanying someone else, “Damn, I can play those notes, but execution needs some more work, so get on it, son!”

Revelations is a stone album. He wasn’t just another pretty face with a fresh sound. He had chops for miles and could play, that mutha. Whatever he wanted to.

Update to reflect current listening tastes:

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A tad over-dramatic but you all understand, I’m sure.

I’ll be fine in the morning. I promise. :crying_cat_face:

A belated nostalgia trip in the Way-Back Machine –

The time: Nov. 22, 1978

The place: The Checkerdome, St. Louis, MO

The event: My first rock and roll concert

The band: Heart, with a rising new star named Eddie Money as opening act

(Video is not from that actual concert, but at least from that era.)


Still thinking of him. :heart_eyes: When times feel hard I’m not above softly and wordlessly singing the easy parts to myself. They’re very steadying.

I don’t know where this performance came from…just showed up on Le tube (pace @Clang, as said before, totally stealing that bit of hepster slang)… Been a dog’s age since I’ve heard Norah Jones…she has a nice voice. And I like the paint job on The Killer’s acoustic piano.

This album was special to me about twenty years ago. My woman and I had some weight problems, so we’d do do our best to run 5K around the Richardson Psych Center up in Buffalo pretty much daily…she was 4’11 and I was about 6’3.5 at the time, and, of course, I was much heavier, but McCoy gets first solo on this and he kills it. Natch.

I used headphones/earbuds, and just was tranfixed, even though I was an experienced player then. Better than I am now, not ashamed to say.

I don’t remember which track off the Birdland album made me mean mad and flabbergasted at the piano work, but this’ll do.

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The holiday season can crawl up a person’s nose for many reasons. The toughest part for me is that it was when I said goodbye to someone important in my life, though that was many years ago now. I mean, you can take off your rose-colored glasses about them after the fact and still… they’re gone and won’t ever come back. That’s a hard road to go down when everyone around you wants to be all merry merry joy joy and so on. :frowning:

So I cue this up a few times and then I feel better.:

:+1: Love Coltrane on Om and Africa Brass, too. Used to have those on tapes but the tapes have long since met their maker. [grumble]

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