What are you listening to right now?


Clifton’s son C.J. has a pretty good band too.

Her latest album has some really interesting combos.

“Who you cast in your movie when Snoop Dogg isn’t avaiable.” - Mike Nelson, Batman and Robin Rifftrax


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Kenny Burrell (guitarist) with Tommy Flanagon on piano.

Just a sick, burning Bb rhythm changes tune. And even the head itself is far from easy to play. It’s all over the place!

There have always been shredders in jazz guitar, but IMHO, because of the nature of the instrument, it’s relatively rare to find someone playing perfectly idiomatic bebop lines at a pretty damned fast tempo (not the fastest tempo imaginable, but it’s pretty quick) on the guitar…it’s not really about running scales PDQ, but making full use of the idioms that pianists and horn players have an easier time with, just because of the way their instruments are structured.

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T.3 - Dilly Dilly. I heard this one on Dr. Demento’s Thanksgiving show released over the weekend.

Christmas jazz.

This is a Colorado local band. Charlie Brown and the Nutcracker. Really good stuff. If you go to the site you can listen to the tracks.


Just arrived. The three disc limited edition, with a live performance from December 1980 at Lewisham Odeon and lots of bonus tracks.

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Yes, I’m a terrible person. But, it is what I’m listening to.


Don’t ask. It’s early and I haven’t been to sleep yet.

NSFW, I guess, if one works at a nunnery, for language.

Had to get that out my ear. Here’s Jimmy McGriff, he’s my man, so give him a pound.

When I saw him live, so many people yelled out requests for that song that Wesley issued the threat “I’m not gonna play any more rock and roll for you.”

He did, though.

I was listening to International Coloring Contest, by Stereolab (which is amazing.) And then I was like, “What the hell is this about?” And then I was reading the lyrics to International Coloring Contest. And then I was like, “Who the hell is Lucia Pamela?” And now I’m listening to “Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela.” It’s really something.

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This song was a huge surprise the first time I heard it. It’s very much a Bengali disco jazz song, until it turns into something straight out of “Animals” era Pink Floyd. I’m usually very wary of obscure songs going viral by “vinyl geeks”, but they nailed it here. A pretty unexpected surprise.

It’s almost McCoy Tyner’s birthday again. (R.I.P.) And so… :love_letter:


I’ve listened to this song off and on and it is every happy 90s era childhood video game memory rolled into one. Definitely my random ‘Play it again, Sam’

Man now I want to get into a boxy 60s car and drive around looking for clues