What are you watching right now???

I remember renting this from our little neighborhood VHS shop when I was a kid just because I loved everything Steve Martin. As the years went on and I started getting into classic movies it was almost like Easter eggs when I would recognize a scene that came from that flick. A strange way to reinforce loving the classics but it worked for me!


Veronica Mars s1e14

This episode was my intro to him.

Adam Scott Have Fun GIF


Stage 16 of the Giro. Real nail-biter of a finish, that one.


…wasn’t that an actual version of Numberwang?

My daughter got into “Columbo” and we also paused at the point where he turned up. 15-20 minutes was not unusual. One he shows up the first scene (the cruise one) and meets the pre-murderer.

The other thing we do is try to figure out when Columbo figures it out. In the cruise episode, he meets the pre-murderer, and we kind of think he knows the guy is the killer before the killing has even happened.

Sure, if you can overlook the serious peril of one’s breasts being all out of whack.

High Fidelity!




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The finishes at this race have been something else! Can’t believe we’re down to 4 stages, and 3 of them hellish climbing stages!


I don’t know if it’s a bad movie, but… you ever watch something, and you just don’t give a damn? That was this, after a while sitting through it was like pulling teeth, I felt like I was wasting my time and I gave up. (I hope Guardians 3 isn’t like that, as my brother and I are seeing it on Sat)


Stage 18, Giro d’ Italia.

A very ‘goaty’ road, as Juan Antonio Flecha might say.


Yeah, baby!


I made this while watching yesterday. :joy:

I’m currently watching Stage 19, the Queen Stage. Ack!

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Airplane! Still so funny.

And OMG I just realized that Victor (as in, “What’s your vector, Victor?” ) is George from Parts: The Clonus Horror, also starring Peter Graves! :exploding_head:


That reminds me: I need to show my wife Zero Hour and freak her out.


MST3K vs. Gamera Vs. Jiger, and I’m still in amazement that they made a reference to the “I PLAYED HAMLET AT CAMBRIDGE” Sprite commercial, and I am prepared to love this show forever.


OK, so in preparation to show my wife Zero Hour we’re watching Airplane! again as a refresher. I haven’t seen it in I don’t know how many years and OH MY GOD, IT’S MIKE ERMENTRAUT.



Hobgoblins 2 Rifftrax with my Memorial promo code. Love how they shade him not once but twice.

Bill Cosby Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


I’ve probably said my piece on Captan Marvel aka Shazam here before but irritates me to no end.

Billy Batson is a ten year old. When he becomes Captain Marvel, he becomes an idealized form of the adult he wants to be.

This is no mystery. Dopes used to say “You have to put a teen or a kid in the show or the kids won’t watch it,” because they never understood that the kids aspired to be the adults. So you’d get, like, the Wonder Twins or Wendy & Marvin on the '70s Super Friends cartoon.

The last thing Billy Batson is ever going to do in his Captain Marvel form is act like a child.

The man-child trope was wearing thin when Joe Besser took over for the fake Shemps on the Three Stooges. It’s just straight-up grating now.

And when all the superheroes are acting like children anyway (because they’re written by adults with no concept of heroism and possibly no concept of adulthood) it isn’t even different.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.


I cannot watch Zero Hour without giggling the entire time.

EDIT: They should do that more often- re-write an old movie script by adding jokes.


When I was a young lad, I disproportionately appreciated Kitten Natividad’s cameo in that movie. I have a more balanced appreciation now…
Trivia: released in the same year was Day of the Animals, which featured both Leslie Nielsen AND Michelle Stacey, the young coffee connoisseur. And that wasn’t a comedy 'til RiffTrax got their hands on it. Was that Nielsen’s last dramatic role before his second career took off?


Currently watching 2012’s John dies at the End, thanks to Tubi letting me know I have three days left to see it before it leaves their service. I’m enjoying it a lot!


Just started this…