What episode (or episodes) have you watched recently?

I can’t unsee the basketball ridges myself.

(And congrats on the new lenses!)


Fruit Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


I’m currently working on 1204 Killer Fish. I’ve only seen about half of MST3K, so after I finish the Netflix episodes I’m probably going back to work on season 3.


I was just watching I Accuse My Parents again on the MST3K twitch channel while I work

What a classic episode!

LIAR! LIAR! :rofl:


I just watched Slime People. What genius thought it was a good idea for half the film to be unwatchable? Anywho, the riff pacing in this one is starting to feel a bit more what we’re used to.


What were the watchable parts? :confused: My memory retains nothing but Ernest Hemmingway, his pet goat, a sale on Tip Roast, and a METRIC TON of unwanted, uncalled-for screaming.

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I watched the new Gamera episode once on Saturday and again yesterday. I was busy and so couldn’t attend the premier. Good Gravy! Two hours-worth of that. Is there a Purple Heart, but for riffers?

Followed up last night/early morning with Daddy-O, bringing us back 'round to the start of the thread. It gave me the push I needed to finally finish up a long-stalled collage project at 2 AM. Woo! (Except for the part where I started falling asleep at my desk around 4PM today. :upside_down_face: )


Sparked by the recent episode discussion thread: Tonight I put on The Leach Woman!

Such a Fire episode! :smiley:

(And I liked they got The Daktari Stool into a sketch :smiley:)

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Well, the first half is watchable in the you can actually see what’s happening sense. You have to wonder, did anyone ever look at the dailies and say “whoa, guys, let’s tone down the fog machines”? I think my eyes were going funny by the end of it.


Giant Gila Monster over about three days. I’m not feeling very well at the moment and my concentration might’ve been off, but I only remember two actual scenes with a lizard (and a when bunch of singing). Did everything happen off screen or is it just me?


Just watched Touch of Satan and it appears to be one that I missed.

Pretty good riffs, terrible movie. God the pauses.

They found the fish, at least.


Dismiss me once more as a black-and-white thinker, but I’m feelin’ that familiar ardor for some good ol’ RADAR!!

Appropriately, I just ordered up some shrimp fried rice (and a Po-Po platter) for supper. No inquiries regarding where they keep the rice cooker, though. I didn’t want to be nosy.


Just finished watching all the Synthia Selects bumpers, Gizmoblips and Dr. Phibes segments for July that one more time.

Excellent stuff! Bring on August!


And now I’ve finished watching the August Synthia Selects and Gizmoblips!

Fantastic, as always! Absolutely enjoy these so much!

Nice touch adding-in the Shout! extras in a couple of them!

Synthia doing the Krankor Laugh… :laughing:


I’ll need to get back into my complete rewatch soon, but for tonight, I watched The Beast of Yucca Flats on Shout’s MST3K channel, and it was still as fun a ride as ever.

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Another one I’d missed, Girl in Gold Boots.

Oh boy, nothing like padding out run times with crappy music and awkward dancing. Also drugs.


Three degrees of separation from the OP, I just finished watching the un-Rifftraxed short More Dangerous Than Dynamite on TCM. I know they’ve done MST3K movies - Untamed Youth readily comes to mind - but I’d never seen a short until Dynamite.


Decided to watch the four Season 13 shorts once again! These are so good!


Invasion of the Neptune Men
I still found it funny - enjoyed the small observations, like when the bomb goes off and all the kids fall in different areas, except for one, who flops on another boy. And Servo utters a quick…

“Get off me Hideo” :laughing:

Or a scene where the older doctor is shot from below as he stands on his outside balcony, with his chin jutting out, and we get a line about no one showing up for his Il Duce show.

Then there’s one of my old favorites…

“The clock’s running backwards!” - “That means lunch won’t be till yesterday.”


Got back into my complete series rewatch with Teenage Caveman.

It’s one of those episodes where it’s headed up by not one, but TWO shorts!

Aquatic Wizards has fun riffing over what’s essentially the summer equivalent of Snow Thrills. Come for the riffs over the water stunts, stay for the gang taking the jerkass narrator to task.

Catching Trouble, well… oof. That short is difficult to watch due to a number of reasons. When you watch this short, it feels like you’re not in this primarily for the laughs, but to watch the guys slam HARD on Ross Allen. You really need that “Catching Ross” host segment after that, because yeesh.

As for the movie, wow, but it features so many iterations of “the word is the law of the word” and “the law is the word is the law” and so on and so forth. Normally, you want Roger Corman to make use of a good budget; here, he could’ve used a better screenwriter.

Anywho, yeah, this movie’s been thoroughly Corman-ized, and there’s great humor to be had in all the cheapness. And it’s fun to see Robert Vaughn here in an early role, even though that’s counterbalanced by Frank DeKova being super-annoying.

Love the “Bunny Hop” recurring gag as you see characters run through the forest, and that last chase for the monster from Night of the Blood Beast.

It’s a more deliberately, glacially paced film (from Roger Corman? THE DEVIL YOU SAY), but if you know that going in and brace yourself accordingly, it’s surprisingly solid.