What games have you played recently?

If all goes well, After picking it up again the other night, sometime this week I should be finishing Luigi’s Mansion 3.

I was chatting with a friend the other night about the EA/FIFA spat that’s going on, and we both realized what we really want is an update to the old Red Card 2003 from Midway. Yhea there are other crazy soccer themed games, but for one that came out 20 years back, we have had more fun with that game than any FIFA or Mario Striker release. A shame that it never got a bigger push, and any chance of a newer version likely died when Midway went under.


Someone earlier mentioned Mini Metro. I am also playing this quite a lot recently, and am also not very good at it.

Also revisiting Watch Dogs; annoyingly Ubisoft’s servers seem to be on the blink again so no multiplayer :frowning:


Mini Metro is a lot of fun and very addictive


I finished Super Mario Odyssey for the second time, and right now, I’m playing Final Fantasy VII on the Switch.


Been refreshing steam all day, waiting for the 3rd chapter of Raft to drop…


Wife saw a copy of the new LEGO Star Wars game on sale. Ran thru Phantom Menace and thru Attack of the Clones to chasing Jango off Genosha.

Desire to play is strong. Time to devote enough time in a sitting to be worth playing is limited.


LEGO games are the ones I find easiest to be able to play. Nothing in them is potentially family inappropriate or upsetting (unlike some of the games I want to play like Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, or Halo Infinite) and there are regular checkpoints where you can save and come back mid-level (at least in the LEGO Batman series).


Oh they certainly are. And with the easy sleep mode available on the Switch so you didn’t have the shut everything down, and come back to where you are make things so much smoother than older consoles.

Now if only LEGO Dimensions would come back…


So, what happens when a semi-chill rafting survival game for all ages turns into a platformer for kids with fast twitch responses?

Answer: Many, many F Us yelled at the screen.

Even when I was a kid with fast twitch responces I never really played platformers, never like them much, so obviously hitting a section in Raft that requires fast run, jump, and crouch combinations was a bit rage inducing.

Apparently reading comments this passageway is “easy” platforming, so no one should be complaining. Easy probably for those who play those games, not so easy for us old folks that don’t.

After many, many, many failed attempts and much cursing I made it through to get the tool I needed to continue, and of course that tool unlocks a door back at the start of the platforming, you can just fall and get back to the start easily enough, but of course once you do what’s behind the door you have to make it through the platforming section a second time to reach the end of the game. And it was not any easier the second time so another round of cursing ensued.

So, I have now completed the story of Raft and will not be playing through to the end ever again.

I will be starting new games with mods just to build new crazy rafts, they added some new equipment blueprints you can build that I’ll have to try out.


and @Amanda_Gregory Cities Skylines is the only game I play, which I’ve been playing as the successor to the SimCity franchise I started with in 1992 with Classic, then all through each subsequent version (2000, 3000, 3000 Unlimited, and 4.)
Cities Skylines is by FAR my most loved, as EVERYTHING CAN BE MICROMANAGED! And Macromanaged. If I can not only build a streetcar line, but place the stops, choose the livery, its colour, its name, the speed limit, and what plants grow in planters on the sidewalk, how many accessible parking spaces are at the ice cream parlour, I can even regulate smoke detectors!
Someone must’ve delved deep inside my gaming dreams and made them come true with that one. Only problem is, I use so many mods to create pretty utopias that it constantly crashes, and I have to start with new cities often thanks to an ill-equipped system, but worth the pain for the hour of fun on a Saturday morning!
My screenshots if anyone’s interested: Steam Community :: HighParkBookworm :: Screenshots


I adore Cities: Skylines. I too played all of the SimCity games until the last one which was a major disappointment. This is exactly what a city builder should be. I didn’t bother with the Airports expansion as I don’t care that much about airports.

They keep saying they are working on a Skylines2 that will allow you to have different cities that can interact. Haven’t heard much about it lately, though.


Yes, these Skylines 2 rumours remind me of the early 2010’s when everyone was murmuring of a new SimCity, which was a real disappointment, it’s true. I’ve learned not to bank my hopes on what might be, and try to make what I have work for me. However I really do miss the aspect of the late SimCities where the cities interacted with one another, could trade resources and combine to be one metro region, far more realistic, and opens up so many more opportunities, but, tech restrictions are beyond my area of expertise.
I have the airports DLC, and honestly, if you’re not big on airports, don’t bother. It makes it MUCH easier to design and build a well-functioning airport, but it doesn’t spice the game up any more than user content. I’m more of a train and street railway person myself anyway.


I have couple of the creator packs and one has all of these different types of train stations. Love that! And I did enjoy the free content from the airports expansion that gives you all the different train types. Those are fun to see running around.

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I usually quit on a city when it gets to the point where I have to start micromanaging. Once it starts to feel like work I lose interest.

Funny how different things feel like work to different people, micromanaging traffic and where people are going feels like work to me, but I can spend hours gathering resources and building stuff in games and it doesn’t feel like work. So the city building part really appeals to me, once the administrative stuff gets added I’m out.

Surviving Mars was a good mix of building and management, you can micromanage in that game but it’s not necessary. At least that was true a few years ago, the updates I’ve seen have added a lot of micromanagement tools so I don’t know if it can still be played without using them all.

Timberborn has also been adding more micromanagement tools, allowing for more control of where your beavers work and play, been several months since I’ve played that so haven’t used any of the new stuff in that game.


It’s true about different people considering different things to be play; I typically work with preschoolers, and they show me a very broad spectrum of what play can be.
I find work-like play to be my most satisfying form of play because not only do I get the fun of creative time, but it also makes me feel like I accomplished something in my free time, (Swiss background means importance on being productive and precise.) This lessens my guilt complex, therefore, playtime ÷ lower guilt complex = greater fun quotient. The fact that I use mathematic equations to explain my personal play theory should speak volumes as to why I gravitate toward the micro-managing aspects! :grin:


Unpolular opinion: Fall Guys is better than Fortnite, despite the fact that both are owned by Epic Games.


I’ve been having a pretty good time playing No Man’s Sky, especially after I found out you could befriend and then ride the friendly animals on various planets.

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I’m another Cities Skylines fan. I’ve been wanting to start a new city recently, but I’m waiting for the right map or concept to grab me so I don’t build just another boring grid. I might go for an organic European city.

At the moment I’m playing Hardspace: Shipbreaker, which is a chill game about breaking down spaceships. It’s got a storyline about evil corporations and unionising, which is a little too angry-making for such a chill game sometimes (I’m in a union). I’m also playing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. It really captures the feel of the old arcade games, so if you liked them I highly recommend it.

While I’m at it, I’ll also recommend a little indie game called The Big Con, which is a very 90s retro game that feels like it came right out of a SNES or Genesis. You play a teenage girl who has to go on an adventure to save her mom’s video store. Be gay, do crimes! Her sexuality is only a minor plot point, but as a 90s teenager who had friends come out at that age it really resonates with me. It’s sweet, funny, and really hit me in the feels. In a good way.


I bought Witcher 3, but it’s a bit more complicated than I was looking for at the moment. So I have been playing Oblivion lately to get a fantasy kick from a world I already know how to play.


Back on Spelunky 2 again; at this point it’s an illness. Average time is borked because I put the console into sleep mode and didn’t come back to it for ages lol

Checked the profile today and found I was at 666 deaths :scream: